Saturday, August 30, 2008

Xi'An - 回教街 [Islamic Street] Part 2

So a group of us went back to the Isalmic street the 2nd night...

And... I saw these lamb hooves just sitting there, so I decided I had to have it.

A close up of the lamb hoof. I don't know what it was called, but it's cooked and then marinated in this spicy sour sauce. Soooo tender.

Skewers galore hahaha.

The crowded street.

More lamb skewers, but these were the best lamb skewers I ate while I was in China. They add the usual spices but they also added some other sort of chili to it. Couldn't figure it out but it was daaamn good.

豬肉韭黃餡餅 (Pork and chive "pancake"). Ground pork with chives in a flour "pancake." Hella MSG. Made my tongue numb for like... 5 minutes, which was pretty scary cause you need A LOT of MSG to do that haha. They were made by these... 13-14 year olds. Tsk, child labor. The funny thing, I don't think they were Muslim... cause Muslims don't eat pork right? :P

Felix's 韭菜餡餅 (chives "pancake"). Similar to mine, except it has no pork.

Street perfomances!

芝麻柿子餅 (Sesame persimmon "donut"). It's dough flavored with persimmon, then fried. Again, I got the sesame filling, but there's also lots of different fillings available too.

I lost a few of my other pictures :[ But yea, the Islamic street is seriously a place you must go if you're ever in Xi'An. I don't think I've even tried half of what the vendors offered. Delicious food + huge selection + cheap prices = a happy duke.