Thursday, August 28, 2008

Shanghai: Week 4 - 上海老街 [Shanghai Old Street]

This is a spot that we went often. It's called Shanghai Old Street, and it takes about 30 minutes and 35rmb by cab just to get there, but the food is totally worth it. In fact, we'll go, eat, then take a cab back haha. That's how much we love it. They sell everything, from Shanghai specialities to shaved ice. Here's just a few things I've tried on the street:

I swear, this lady was a master chef haha. That little hole in the wall, is her kitchen and we always go to her stand. Why? Because she makes the best...

... 排骨年糕 (porkchop ricecake) in Shanghai. It's a really simple: 3 piece of fried rice cake that she puts this sweet sauce on top, then she breads and fries the marinated porkchop, then squirt some black vinegar on it. That's it, and yet, this is my favorite thing in Shanghai. Only 4.5rmb too!! Heavenly.

The stand next to the lady's. They have a bunch of stir-fry dishes and you can't really see it, but there a two-headed fish on the table hahaha.

陝西涼皮 (Shan'Xi Cold Noodles). Another one of my favorites. Rice noodles that's mixed with chili oil, cilantro, cucumber, and then a little bit of peanut sauce completes this dish. The peanut sauce balances out the hot chili oil really well. Ideal thing to eat on a hot summer day.

臭豆腐 (Stinky tofu), Shanghai-style. They fry stinky tofu then pour this... semi spicy sauce over it. To be honest, Taiwanese stinky tofu is totally on a different level. Not bad though.