Friday, August 29, 2008

Xi'An - 回教街 [Islamic Street] Part 1

So the whole program went to Xi'An at the end, sort of a graduation trip, to do a little sightseeing, since Xi'An is a famous ancient city, the first night we went exploring around the city. Of course we found a few delicious items too!

The street vendor called it a "牛肉蛋塔," which means beef eggtart. It's not really an eggtart, since it's actually an egg and seasoned ground beef inside a thing that's like a pancake. It's really good but I think a few of my friends got diarrhea from it cause the beef might not have been cooked all the way through haha.

The inside: egg and ground beef.

Squid skewers. Intense flavors, since they brushed like... 3 different sauces when they grilled it. Couldn't exact figure out what they were putting on it.

Then we found an Islamic street and that street was just full of streetfood. We didn't eat that much since we already had dinner and I already ate a bunch of stuff on the way there. Nevertheless, still somehow made room for the stuff I ate below :D

黑芝麻鏡糕 (Black sesame sweet ricecake). Sweet ricecake they steamed with a plum sauce. You tell them the flavor you want, then they dip it in sugar and the flavoring for you. They have flavors like strawberry, peanut, plain, etc. I just chose black sesame since I love it haha.

Every restaurant on the street had this big wok and they were just frying this cube noodles over hot coals. Pretty cool.

So I had to get it just to try it out. It's pretty much... rice noodles, in fat block form stir-fried with bean sprouts, green onion, soy sauce, and hella MSG haha. After I ate it, my tongue was numb from the freakin' MSG. Seriously, don't they know it causes serious health problems?!

More to come!