Monday, August 25, 2008

Shanghai: Week 2 - Misc

I forgot my camera a lot of times during the second week, so I didn't get to document all the stuff I ate... but here's some haha.

So I was craving some Taiwanese food, and there happens to be a Taiwanese restaurant near Jiao'Tong so went with Lydia and Chris. I ordered 雞排飯 (chicken steak rice combo) with a sunny-side-up egg. It was better than I thought: decent food, wide selections, and it never hurts when the people in the restaurant speak Taiwanese :]

Hmmm... don't remember why the picture's crooked but... yay for shaved ice hahaha. We went to a restaurant next door that was mainly Hong Kong style. They called this "ants on a mango ice mountain" or something weird thing like that haha.

One night a bunch of us went to a vegetarian restaurant near the school called 五觀堂素食. I gotta admit, it was the best vegetarian food I ever had. They were really strict in there and didn't let us take pictures sooo no pics :[

麥芽糖 (malt sugar). Got it in Tong'Li. I used to eat these a lot as a kid. They start out as a real dark color, but the more you pull and twist on it to aerate the sugar, the lighter in color it turns.