Friday, July 22, 2011

Too broke

I'm too broke to go out and eat :P Just found some older stuff so will be posting those up soon!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Las Vegas: Hikari Sushi Bar

To be honest, I'm sick of the buffets in Vegas. Except for the recent addition of Wicked Spoon in Cosmopolitan, buffets... just aren't that fun anymore. It's always the same items. However, Leonard knew of an AYCE Japanese spot about 5 miles away from the strip so before we left Vegas (went beginning of June), decided to check out Hikari for some AYCE sashimi!

Hikari Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar
4175 S Buffalo Dr
Las Vegas, NV 89147
Neighborhood: Spring Valley

Hikari, located about 5 miles away from the Strip.

Some of the items that you can get off the AYCE menu!

salmon skin salad
Started off with salmon skin salad. The dressing was sorta like... a sweet teriyaki dressing. LOTS of salmon skin.

sashimi sampler
Sashimi sampler. Came with tuna, salmon and hamachi.

soft shell crab
Fried soft shell crab! Whole pieces of fried crab. Yum :]

japanese oyster
You can even get raw oysters! It's Japanese style oysters, but really it is just oysters with a little of tabasco and some vinegar. Still not a huge fan of oysters and these big ones freaked me out even more, but it was pretty good! I only ate two though hahah. Some people ordered by the plates. Ridiculous.

hama negi
Negi hama. Very simple roll with hamachi and green onion. The only roll we ordered, since we wanted to focus on the items that were worth more!

hamachi kama
Hama kama! Yellowtail fish collar. As many as you want!

salmon sashimi
Rather than ordering more sashimi sampler or nigiri, you can actually order just sashimi. Hikari is the only AYCE places I've been to that let you do it! We definitely took advantage of that, and started off with salmon.

tuna sashimi
Tuna. Yes, you can sorta tell all the fishes were frozen, since it lost a little bit of its sheen, but still good!

seared albacore sashimi
Seared albacore. Just a little bit of kick.

yellowtail sashimi
Hamachi! Yellowtail still the best!

fatty white tuna sashimi
White fatty tuna. Not really that fatty but it is an item that you can't find at many Japanese AYCE!

Unagi :] I think I ate 2 orders just by myself haha.

shrimp tempura
Shrimp tempura. ONLY shrimp. Hikari is awesome.

shrimp fried rice
Shrimp fried rice. Nicely done, with the rice fluffly.

Uni. And no, I didn't eat one. Like I said from the last post... still gotta learn to like it hahah. I wanted to more of the other stuff anyways :P

Ended the night with fried scallops! I could probably do without the aioli and eat it with katsu sauce instead, but man, fried scallop must just be my new seafood obsession.

Hikari is definitely a great find and props to Leonard for showing us the place. I'm still amazed how you can just order whatever you want and they won't even raise a fuss. The service was great too, and the people working at the restaurant are actually Japanese, so that's always a plus. Midori in LA is more about the rolls, while Hikari focuses on the simpler stuff. Can't wait to go back!