Thursday, August 21, 2008

Shanghai: Week 1

Yea, the first thing I ate in Shanghai... is...


Went with my good friend Quang searching for food around Jiao Tong University and ended up at 四海遊龍 (Si Hai You Long), which is a chain store from Taiwan that sells potstickers, dumplings, etc.

I'm not gonna lie, it was very good. Made and cooked to order, the outside is really thin with slight crust that adds texture. Of course, you dip it in vinegar and enjoy!

Moments later, went to a traditional market and ate this. I forgot the name of this but it's thinly cut chicken strips breaded and fried, then it is throw in a wok with chili peppers, garlic, white pepper, and green onions. Very flavorful.

More streetfood! Yay! Grilled octopus. Had this the second day in Shanghai. The sauce on it is AMAZING. Costs about 50 cents. I had 5.

蛋塔 (eggtart) from Lillian's Cafe, a popular bakery from Macao. Flaky on the outside and then one bite you reach the center, which is just freakin' delicious. The best eggtart EVER.

包子 (bao zi) near FuDan University, recommended by the infamous Michael Lin when we went to visit. I gotta admit, it was the best bao zi I had the whole time in China. It was about half of my palm but spicy and juicy. Loved it.

Then Michael, being the our trusty tourguide, took us to a Xinjiang bbq place.

Yea, 烤饅頭 (grilled steamed bun). Soooo good. They either sprinkle salt or sugar to flavor it since steamed buns are tasteless pretty much. It's amazing how the flavors change depending on the seasoning.

Plate full of assorted skewers. Seasoned with cumin, dried chilies, and salt!

Afterwards, went to Wal-Mart in China with Rose, Lydia, and Quang (yea, we're lame..)

China Arrowhead knockoff!! hahaha

Where's the aisle with all the beer.... AH there we go :D

Few days later, went to 吳江路, which is a street full of food stands and streetfood. It is also where the famous 小揚生煎包 is.

The street, 小吃街.

The famous 小揚生煎包. I had to wait in line for this shiet haha. 生煎包 is pretty much steamed buns made in a different way. Raw buns are put into a flat pan with oil, then they add water and cover it up to give it the crust on the bottom. Sprinkled with green onions and sesame. Best 生煎包 ever haha.

烤雞皮 (chicken skin skewers) = de-fucking-licious. 'nuff said.

烤鴨舌 (grilled duck tongue) was... interesting... All the skewers use the same seasonings (cumin, red chilies, salt, pepper, msg etc) but it had different texture. Soft, until you hit the part with cartiledge?

More skewers!

Grilled chicken wings with roughly the same seasoning.

And week 1's end with...
China Pizza Hut! Hawaiian, to be more exact. Not as good as American's and definitely not as good as Taiwan's.