Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Shanghai: Week 3 - Sasha's

A group of us were craving some real, authentic American food by the 3rd week and what better way to satisfy the craving than to eat a real authentic brunch. We went to Sasha's, which is usually a steakhouse but on the weekends, they serve brunch till 3, 4pm. A lot of foreign folks there every weekend. I guess everybody felt the same as us haha.

Nothing really crazy about this brunch, but it is a buffet and they do have some special items that ordinary brunches may not have. My favorite is the smoked salmon wrapped with cream cheese. I usually never eat cream cheese too but it was good. A small assortment of sushi to add that Asian flair, but they also have the usual: all sorts of bread, salads, cereal, fruits, cheeses, deli meats, coffee, tea, etc.

My first plate with my first cup of coffee in China! Pesto pasta salad, the smoked salmon, and the donut balls were my favorites!

A fruit and dessert plate with cereal. First time I had milk in China too haha. Their chocolate croissants were orgasmic... in fact so good that we took napkins and stole about... 20 of them hahahaha.

Then we got a fruit platter to share. Felt so good to finally eat some fruits in China.

All of us loved Sasha's since it was located in the French Concession and the ambiance of the place was definitely unique since the building itself was fairly old. I forgot the architectural style but old European flair :] One of the most satisfying meal.