Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Shanghai: Week 4 - Baan Thai

Few of us went to this Thai restaurant one night called Baan Thai. It's located in the French Concession, and the atmosphere there is just awesome. You can choose to sit inside or outside under this big hut in the front yard of the restaurant essentially.

Selwyn's Green Curry.

My Seafood Fried Rice. Adding the sauce next to it, which was fish sauce infused with red chili and garlic, gives it a whole new flavor.

Lydia and Rose's Pad Thai. Pretty presentation, but that's about it haha.

The ambiance and the location of the place makes it worth going to, but a little bit pricey for Shanghai standards. Wouldn't say I would go back again if I had a chance, although it is a good place for a couple. Plus, the portions were small, so a lot of us had to go get street food afterwards haha :P