Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Shanghai: Week 3 - 人間 [People's 6)

Went to 人間, also known as People's 6, in Shanghai. It is actually owned by a Taiwanese guy, with several restaurants in Taiwan and China. I've been to one in Taipei and it's a restaurant during the day and at night, it turns into an upscale lounge/bar, which is the same for this one. Usually to get into 人間 it requires you to solve a sort of puzzle so you can open the door to go in. For this specific 人間, you had to swipe your hand across a sensor that's placed inside a rock. Pretty cool concept.

Tiny side dishes that the waitress said they are known for. Mostly preserved vegetables and stuff.

So I got Salmon Fried Rice, since it's hard to go wrong with it, since it combined two of my favorite food: fried rice & salmon :P The salmon eggs adds a nice touch of saltiness to it too.

My friend Raymond didn't get his lamb chops for like... an hour so to make it up to us, the restaurant gave us these test tube shots filled with a drink called Lemon Drop. Very weak but it has a cool presentation, since they placed dried ice around it to give the smoking effect.

Overall, the place is definitely for young professionals since it is a bit costly in Shanghai's standards. Good place to go on a date too hahah. Kinda makes me want to check out the other 人間.