Friday, September 5, 2008

Taiwan: 欣葉 [Shin Yeh]

Second day in Taipei, wentto 欣葉 Shin Yeh, which is a Japanese buffet restaurant, for the "afternoon tea" buffet. I pretty much eat here at least once everytime I head back haha.

The sashimi station, which serves tuna, salmon, and swordfish I think. The hotfood buffet has several grilled fish items, tempura, and some stir-fried stuff.

None of the tiny tempura shrimp, only the big ones here! Also, grilled fish collar which is my favorite haha.

Handrolls! They make it as you order. Awesomeness :D

Salmon sashimi. I think I ate about 5 plates' worth hahaha.

Some of the dessert items they have there: black sesame dorayaki, Korean sesame mochi bread, and double chocolate cake. The mochi bread was really interesting since the inside has a mochi texure while the exterior has a crunch to it.

Of course, this being afternoon tea, they have over 20 kinds of hot and cold beverages. Tried the black sesame yogurt, 薰衣草奶茶 (lavender milktea), and cappucino.

Everytime I head back to the States I always crave it just cause it's an awesome place to go for authentic Japanese food at a reasonable price. They need something like that here haha.