Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Shanghai: Week 3 - 上海新疆風味飯店 [Shanghai Xin'Jiang Style Restaurant]

So for Felix's birthday, we all went to this skewers place that he's been to before. It's an authentic Xin'Jiang restaurant. Most of the people look a little bit... like people from the Middle East since the west of China is so close to those countries. Their main diet is lamb and that's exactly what we got!

上海新疆風味飯店 and open 24 hours!

They have live performances there as well, and they pull people up to dance with them, especially foreigners. It's pretty damn awesome haha.

One of Xin'Jiang's specialty, goat milk tea. Surprisngly, you can't really taste the goat milk in it but you can definitely tell it's different.

One of the best beer I've ever had, 新疆啤酒 (Sinkiang Beer), and this is the only restaurant that serves it. It's a dark ale but it's sooo smooth. Think of Guiness but not as... creamy I guess haha.

So we ordered this... lamb hind quarters, and they just use their hands and knives to rip the meat off for us and serve it with dipping sauce. So tender and succulent.

Of course, lamb skewers, with the traditional spices: cumin and red chili powder.

Yea, we ordered like.. 120 of them hahah.

I used to hate lamb and would never touch it. Not anymore haha.

P.S. Sorry for the shitty pictures, I just couldn't make my hands still cause I was so excited hahah. MEAT!