Friday, August 22, 2008

Shanghai: Week 2 - 南翔饅頭店

We went to 南翔饅頭店, which is a restaurant known for its 小龍包 (xiaolongbao) and the 湯包 that you eat with a straw. It's located in 城隍廟 in Shanghai, this old town area which is a tourist spot. We waited about 30 minutes cause it was so packed. Got a 50rmb set meal that came with a lot of dim sum items.

The menu!

The first item that came was 西施春捲 (springroll). Totally forgot what was inside but I do remember it was very good.

This is the 咖哩肉餃 (curry dumpling). Instead of the usual dumpling skin on the outside, they used something more similar to puff pastry on the outside. Since I love curry this was my favorite item.

The infamous 湯包 (soup bun)!! The reason you have to use a straw is because as they steam it, the meat juice fill the bun itself and you don't want to waste the soup! It also has crab roe in it to add a twist. Like the sticker on the straw warns, it was freakin hot haha. I don't know whether it was that stuff to eat something that hot with a plastic straw though...

Here's two types of buns: 靜素菜包 and 婉蓉秋葉包. 靜素菜包 is a vegetarian bun. They use a bunch of different types of vegetables, cut it up really fine, then they steamed it. As for 婉蓉秋葉包, I don't really know how to translated it haha. It's more of a sweet bun in the shape of a leaf.

糯米燒賣 (sticky rice shumai) with 金腿小粽子 (bamboo leaf wrapped sticky rice). Both were very delicate items that symbolizes the dim sum of Shanghai.

Their infamous 小龍包 (xiao'long bao), which a lot people said it was better than Ding Tai Feng's... but honestly, no hahaha. Ding Tai Feng still owns :D