Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Shanghai: Week 4 - Misc

So here's a few misc. things that I had during the 4th week... and yea we eat a lot of McDees in Shanghai haha.

Yay for apple pies! But wait... it's actually a Pineapple Pie. To be honest, the pineapple pie tastes actually kinda weird since the filling is really sweet, almost more like a pineapple marmalade. Unique to China though!

Afterwards, had myself a Taro Pie, which was really REALLY good. It just tastes like... taro haha! For some reason, the crust of both the pineapple and the taro pie were crunchier than the apple pie in the US. Taiwan's apple pie is the same as well.

This is a bento set from the train ride we took from Shanghai to Xi'An. Pretty balanced meal I'd have to say haha. Too bad it was a bit salty and I'm sure they added hella MSG to it.

This is our good old friend... 白酒, a kind of Chinese alcohol. It tastes horrific, almost as if you're drinking gasoline, but hey it get's you drunk REALLY fast haha. Yup, drank a bit on the train.

We actually saw this in Xi'An, and yup, it's the center of a sunflower... and you buy it for the... sunflower seeds! This is one of the coolest thing I've seen since I've never imagined I would eat sunflower seeds straight from a sunflower haha. The only thing is that it isn't roasted and who knows what dirty things are stuck in between... oh well haha.