Thursday, November 4, 2010

Taipei: SOGO 鼎泰豊 Din Tai Fung [2] - Day 1

As soon as I arrived in Taipei and got to my grandma's house, my aunt called and immediately decided to take us to 鼎泰豊 Din Tai Fung for lunch. Not only me but my whole family loves Din Tai Fung, and I think they go at least once a month, so of course with me being back, that is the first place they are taking me to.

Usually we go to the original Din Tai Fung on YongKang Street but now there are so many new locations in Taipei, we just go to the SOGO location since it's closer and easier on my grandma.

BTW, yes Din Tai Fung again and most are probably similar to the post I made awhile back... but you can never have too much Din Tai Fung :]

鼎泰豊 Din Tai Fung (SOGO)
B2, No. 300, Sec. 3, ZhongXiao East Road
Taipei City, Taiwan

SOGO branch
Of course there was a wait. No reservation means 30min-60min wait easily during lunch hour.

While you wait, you can stare at the bao makers making the goodies haha.

vinegar & ginger
Once you get seated, they start off by giving you fresh ginger for vinegar. It's pretty much for dipping sauce for... everything.

小黃瓜 cucumber. Marinated in chili oil and sesame oil. Just a little bit of kick.

marinated wheat gluten
滷麵筋 braised wheat gluten. People may think of wheat gluten as "fake meat" that vegetarians eat but Taiwanese eat a whole different kind. Texture is much more chewy and with it being so porous, it soaks up all the marinade or sauce.

炒空心 stir fry on-choy. My favorite veggie. In YiLan, there are giant on-choy where the stalk's diameter is as the same as a quarter!

veggie dumpling
香菇素餃 mushroom & veggie dumpling. Perfect dumpling skin that's handmade.

炸排骨 fried pork chop. One of the best anywhere. I love drizzling vinegar over it, sorta similar to how Shanghainese eat it.

小籠湯包 xiao long bao. Enough said :]

shrimp & wintermelon bao
絲瓜蝦仁小籠包 loofah & shrimp bao. It was actually my first time having it. Very light and refreshing!

shrimp & wintermelon bao
Inside. lots of loofah with bits of shrimp.

beef noodle soup (clear)
元盅牛肉麵 steamed beef noodle soup. They steam the beef and the soup in a different pot before pouring it over the noodles right before serving. It's almost a pure beef stock with noodles. Sometimes simplicity is the best!

beef noodle soup (braised)
紅燒牛肉麵 beef noodle soup. Roasted/braised beef noodle soup. The version most people are familiar with, and man they got a really good one here. So much flavor from the soup.

beef noodle
Had to get a tendon for myself :P

sticky rice shumai
糯肉燒賣 sticky rice shaomai. Different from your typical shaomai (shumai). One of my favorites.

hong yo ran mian
紅油燃麵 red oil noodle. It's same red oil mix as the spicy dumpling. I love this noodle dish, and it's my favorite noodle from Din Tai Fung. The aromatics like the green onions & garlic goes so well with the red chili oil. Not only does it open up your appetite, it's addicting and once you start you really can't stop.

fried rice
蝦仁蛋炒飯 shrimp fried rice. I once ate 3 plates of fried rice by myself LOL. that's how good it is hahah.

菜肉蒸餃 veggie & pork dumpling. Classic classic classic. Again, same great handmade dumpling skin.

hot & sour soup
酸辣湯 hot & sour soup. One of the best anywhere. It's a must if you're a fan of hot & sour soup. Spicy enough to break a little sweat and sour enough to make you want more and more.

I love coming here with family cause you can eat so many different items. Every time I come back, it makes me sad that why can't Arcadia's Din Tai Fung be just as good, but sadly, Taiwan is just blessed with better ingredients haha!


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