Monday, November 15, 2010

Hong Kong: Snacking around Causeway Bay

One thing that sucks about these work trips is that I always get really tired after the work day. First night in HK, I passed out around 9pm, and since I'm only in HK for two nights, I decided I must go out 2nd night, and figured Causeway Bay would be a good place to explore this time around, since there's an UNIQLO store there. Even though I didn't get to go in to the Taipei branch because of the ridiculous line, there's more than a handful of UNIQLO in HK and it's actually cheaper in HK for the same products.

hotcakes & sausage
Of course, a shot of what I had for breakfast, McDonald's hotcake combo :P I swear, I probably eat McDonald every other day in China or HK, since I don't know where else to go.

369 Shanghai Restaurant
369 Shanghainese Restaurant in Wan Chai. What I had for dinner before I went to Causeway Bay. Couldn't take pictures since it was an official business dinner. Wasn't that good anyways.

銅鑼灣時代廣場 Times Square Causeway Bay
MTR: Causeway Bay

The world famous UNIQLO! Located on the 5th floor of Times Square. Prices in HK were at least 10-15% cheaper than Taipei's.

After I finished checking out UNIQLO, decided to explore the area around Times Square a bit, and came upon this milk tea shop, 貢茶 Gong Cha, specializing in Taiwanese-style milk tea & drinks.

oolong tea latte
And apparently, 貢茶 Gong Cha is an item on the menu as well, so decided to try it out. It's actually the same as the tea latte at Half & Half in San Gabriel. Tea of your choice (oolong, green, black) with a thick thick layer of frothy cream. It's actually one of my favorite drinks at Half & Half, except here, they also add sea salt onto that layer of cream. With that, it's a combination of both Half & Half and the famous sea salt drinks from 85 Degrees in Irvine!

oolong tea latte
I have no idea what that green powder is... maybe tea powder... or mayb that is actually the salt, but it sure is a fancy cup of milk tea ahahah.

Street food vendor
Walked around a bit more and found this! I saw these kind of shops a lot last year in HK, where they just serve all sorts of food and people just eat on the street.

egg puff vendor
One side... egg puffs!!! Of course had to get it. Around $1 US for 12pcs or so?

egg puff
Fresh egg puffs :] I know you can get it in cafes in LA, but getting it here is better!

skewers vendor
On the other side, dim sum, soups, noodles, and skewers.

spicy satay fish ball
Decided to get a spicy satay fish ball skewer. Around $7HKD ($1 USD). It's goood. Not that spicy and I'm sure the sauce is all contaminated with pollutants from the air since it is just sitting out there, but the satay is

store front
After finishing the fishballs, saw that there's a 許留山 Hui Lau Shan in Causeway Bay too! Famous for their mango desserts!

to-go menu
I didn't want to sit inside when it's all groups and a bunch of couples so decided to get a drink to go :P

Display cases with what the drinks look like.

mango & tapioca in coconut milk
Decided on a mango slush + tapioca with coconut milk.

mango pieces
Real mango chunks. It's very delicious but a little too sweet overall.

some stores
And with that drink, I was too full to get anything else so decided to head back to the hotel, and ended my food exploration in HK this time around! Had to take a picture of another milk tea shop and the dumpling chain that started in Taiwan (八方雲集).

In the end, I got to try the most food in Causeway Bay, but I'm sure around Kowloon there's more for me. Maybe next time I'll book a room on that side of HK haha. Updates from when I was in mainland China next!