Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ready? Taipei, HK, China... here I come!

So once again, I'm off to Hong Kong for attending a tradeshow that's always around this time of the year, which forces me to miss all the fun and festivities here in the States for Halloween, and that's no bueno but once I start thinking about the delicious food... then everything seems better haha.

Every time I travel to HK or China, I always make a pitstop first in Taipei since it's a great opportunity to visit relatives and a chance to correct my jetlag before the real work starts. Of course, took China Airline again since I have mileage and just so happens I have enough this time around to upgrade to Business class, which is always a good thing. The flight there to Taipei is about 13-14 hours, and that's a looooong time to be sitting in those small seats for a guy like me. Flying Business also means... lounge access with free food! Yay haha.

For the next few days it'll all be about the trip, and hopefully provide a little insight to all the different types of food in Asia now.

China Airline Lounge

China Airline's VIP Lounge is actually shared among a handful of airlines under the SkyTeam alliance so there's all sorts of travelers in the lounge itself. Food selection is quite limited: finger sandwiches, snacks, small sushi platter, fruits, instant noodles, drinks, and some alcohol.

food from lounge
Light snack before boarding.

china airline wine menu
Wine menu China Airline provides as soon as you board. Chianti it shall be!

china airline food menu
The dinner & breakfast menu is provided first before flight attendants come to take your order.

china airline dinner
Dinner - Chinese-style sweet & sour fish with king crab & terrine.

garlic bread
China Airlines has one of the best garlic bread. Seriously. (Sorry for the extreme closeup haha).

crab salad
King Crab claw. Meaty but not enough :P Opps a little too close so it is out of focus but yea, that blurry thing in the front, is a terrine, which is kinda like a seafood meatloaf. Not really my thang.. haha

chinese-style breakfast
As for breakfast, opted for the Chinese option again, and it's always porridge with about 3-4 cold side dishes. This time it ended up having 肉鬆 (pork sung), 雞炒豆豉 (black bean chicken), 炒酸菜 (stir fry pickled vegetable). Also two kinds of 饅頭 (steamed bun). Good way to start the morning and prep for arrival.

Once I landed, took the bus to my grandma's place, had to get something to eat... and bam got my favorite breakfast food of all time :] My version of a perfect breakfast: 蛋餅夾飯糰 (egg crepe wrapped fantuan) and a fresh cold soy milk to go along with it. Fried donut, pork sung, picked vegetable then wrapped by sticky rice and a thin layer of Chinese egg crepe. Yessir.

It's a good start.