Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Taipei: After Dinner Snacking at ShiDa Nightmarket - Day 2

After dinner at NiaoJia, Calvin and I decided that we wanted stinky tofu as our after dinner snack (I'm amazed still Calvin can keep up with me hahah), so we decided to head to 師大夜市 ShiDa Nightmarket for the famous "blue" stinky tofu. It didn't turn out so well... though.

師大夜市 ShiDa Nightmarket
National Taiwan Normal University Area
MTR: GuTing

Near the entrance to the nightmarket. Still a good amount of crowd even though it was drizzling.

As we were trying to find the stinky tofu spot, I saw i-baked and immediately grabbed my attention. I figured... sure why not go for dessert haha.

Turns out it just opened recently and you can think of it as the Diddy Reese of Taipei, specializing in homemade ice cream cookie sandwiches.

Menu (click to enlarge)

ice cream cookie coffee sandwich
Coffee ice cream cookie sandwich with chocolate chip cookie & almond toffee cookie with walnut mixed in. At $90NT, it's not exactly cheap, but it is something new and unique in Taipei. A crowd was gathering as soon as I got my order.

chocolate chip
The chocolate chip cookie side. Very good with bittersweet chocolate. Cookie was crunch rather than soft and chewy. I think Taiwanese people would like crunchier cookie rather than a soft chewy one.

almond toffee cookie
Almond toffee cookie side. The toffee is that big crater in the middle. When you start eating, you taste the almond part of the cookie but once it gets to the toffee, boom, it's an explosion of this nutty creamy flavor.

milk green tea
Of course... had to get a milk green tea to uhhh..... clean my palate and have a drink with me when I find that stinky tofu place.

stinky tofu
SOOO unfotunately once we got to the "blue" stinky tofu place, we saw that it was closed. It looked like all the fixtures were gone, and Calvin was there just 2 weeks ago! I was super disappointed and he was very confused.
Sad but we didn't give up so we found a stand that sold stinky tofu and decided to try it out. It was actually pretty good, with a sweeter than usual pickled cabbage. Tofu was crunchy and firm. I think I was just happy to get stinky tofu on this trip :P

dunkin donuts
After stinky tofu, we really couldn't eat anymore so we decided to walk towards the MRT. Inside the MRT station, there happens to be a Dunkin' Donut shop and they were having a special of buy 1 get 1 free. How could I pass that up? Unlike Mister Donut, which was having a green tea month, Dunkin' Donut was having a "strawberry" month haha. Ended up with a ring, and an old-fashioned.

strawberry flavored
The donut ring was more like your typical American donut. The texture of the old-fashioned was more doughy rather than crunchy. Very good though since it's somehow lighter than it looks. Good strawberry glaze on both with the right amount of sweetness.

After the donuts, I prepped for bed and started to think about where I should go for my last night in Taipei for this trip...