Friday, March 26, 2010

Taipei: SOGO 鼎泰豊 Din Tai Fung [Day 2]

EDIT: Video added.

After Shin Kong, I took the MRT and went to the new SOGO for... DIN TAI FUNG! YES! I absolutely love this place. My aunt always took me here as a kid and we're continuing that tradition! I didn't plan to eat much since just an hour ago I had beef noodle soup but... yea totally wrong.

Underneath SOGO FuXing Branch
Floor B2

This was my first time dining at the other branches of Din Tai Fung. Usually I go to the original but since this was on the way for both my aunt and uncle, we came here. Arrived around 5:30pm and there was a wait already. Ridiculous. That's how popular is it. Had to wait around 30 minutes.

We were #42 :[

Since I had time to kill, I just watched the bao masters do their thang.

So fast. Can't imagine doing this all day ahah.

That's teamwork!

Finally seated and the 1st item to arrive, the world famous 小籠包 xiao long bao!! Best ever. A little bit of vinegar with this.. and perfection :]

酸辣湯 hot & sour soup. They have a spicier version now (or did they always have it??). We got the original.

豬肉糯米燒賣 pork glutinous rice shumai. Wow this was good. I usually don't get this so I forgot how good it was.

Already flavored perfectly by the juices from the pork.

炸豬排炒飯 pork chop fried rice. Famous for their fried rice. They fried a marinated pork chop up and placed it on top of perfectly cooked fried rice.

You can even tell how light and fluffy the rice looks!

My aunt loves their pork chop so she ordered another one for herself hahaha.

炒空心菜 stir fry on-choy. Stir fried with garlic, add a little bit of salt, and that's all you need :]

紅油陽春麵 plain noodles with red chili oil. Classic noodles. The noodles are fresh made and you can really tell the difference. Very "Q" and even though the chili oil makes it look spicy, it's really not. More tangy with a little bit of sweetness and heat. F-ing delicious.

Gotta mix it well. I think we killed it in a minute hahah.

Last item, 紅油炒手 wonton in spicy chili oil. You like wonton? Then you'll love this. Same chili oil as the noodle so it really gives the wonton a distinct flavor. The wonton filling is pork & chives, which is my favorite combination.

Looking at it just gets your appetite going :D

As I was eating, I kept on thinking to myself... "I'm full... I'm actually really full but this just tastes so damn good" and before I know it, it was the end of the meal hahah. Definitely glad I got to have Din Tai Fung this time though!


ben said...

omg the 紅油炒手 are freaking delicious... i always get that hahah. damn these posts are making me hungry