Friday, November 5, 2010

Taipei: I'm a Food Guide in 光華 GuangHua - Day 1

Right before my relatives and I finished up at Din Tai Fung, I called up Calvin, who's currently studying abroad in Taipei (lucky bastard), and dragged him out to 光華商場 GuangHua Electronics Market, aka Arclink, since I needed to buy accessories for my camera.

Arclink is essentially where people go to shop for all things electronics, from PC & Mac, camera, music players, accessories, and even comic books. On the weekends, the place is packed with people and of course where there are crowds, there's good food.

After getting what I needed, I decided to show Calvin around the area so he can try out a few things. Plus... I was getting hungry haha. Again, some repeats from the last time but again, good food deserves recognition!

光華商場附近 GuangHua Area
MRT Station: ZhongXiao DunHua

sup works
Nothing better than quenching your thirst with a drink after shopping. Sup Works is getting really big now. I remember 2 years ago, I rarely see them in Taipei but now it's quite common.

oolong milk green tea
Opted for oolong green milk tea rather than the usual oolong milk tea. Oolong green tea is actually lighter than oolong tea since it isn't roasted as long, so it has more of a floral fragrance.

imagawayaki stand
Had to show Calvin the 車輪餅 imagawayaki stand in GuangHua. Always a wait. The dude is really amazing with his super sharp memory. He can remember up to 10-15 orders with no problem. Rather than waiting in line now, you go up and get a number, then you tell him the order. Once your number is called, he takes a look at you then places whatever you ordered into your bag. Nothing written down or recorded. Amazing.

車輪餅 imagawayaki! It actually originated from Japan, but it's a really popular street food here in Taiwan and all the flavors and fillings have been changed to suit Taiwanese people's taste buds. I got a red bean while Calvin got both red bean and cabbage.

cabbage imagawayaki
Calvin's cabbage imagawayaki. Hint of white pepper.

red bean imagawayaki
My red bean imagawayaki. It is just a tad sweet and sweetness is what is different from one you would get in Japan. I got it in Osaka once and that thing's was crazy sweet.

fried food stand
Next brought him to the 鹽酥攤 fry shop. They used to be a stand off in the alley but now they have a storefront. Way much cleaner haha.

chicken steak
It's all about the 特大雞排 XL fried chicken steak here. Mine made spicy, with extra white pepper. Better than finger lickin' good.

size comparison
Calvin: "I better not end up in your blog"
Me: "No worriesssssss. I just want to do a comparison."

come buy
LOL what a great name hahah. Come Buy is actually a really big milk tea chain, with stores all over Taiwan and HK.

oolong milk tea
Couldn't resist and with a store name like that, why not. Got an oolong milk tea to wash down the chicken steak. Second of the day?

GuangHua hasn't changed much but I did noticed a few of the street food vendors changed or were gone all together. Many have slowly moved into a store due to Taipei government's effort to present a cleaner image of the city in areas where tourists might go, which is good and bad. Street food is such an essential part of Taiwanese culture and even though the food remains the same, the actual experience of getting food from the cart is what makes it special. Nevertheless, good to see GuangHua getting cleaned up cause just 6 years ago, GuangHua is seriously more like a bazaar haha.