Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Taipei: 鳥家燒烤 NiaoJia Yakitori [2] - Day 2

I'm not gonna lie, a lot of this post is gonna be REALLY similar to the one I made earlier this year when I went to Taipei in March (here). After Joyce brought me there, those skewers were all I could think about. NiaoJia was too good so Calvin and I went after I finished work on the second day. Of course, we ordered a few things that I thought were good last time, and tried something new!

egg wrapped fantuan
Of course before work, had to get another 蛋餅夾飯糰 egg wrapped fantuan for breakfast :]

Zhongxiao Dong Lu, Sec 4, Alley 223, #46,Da-An Disctrict
Taipei City, Taiwan
MRT Station: ZhongXiao DunHua

Just a short intro for NiaoJia this time: it's a popular izakaya-styled Japanese restaurant in 東區 East Area of Taipei that's famous for their skewers. Menu remains mostly unchanged since last spring.

asahi draft
Asahi Draft. Always need a beer after a long day at work.

First up, untried skewers! Sirloin: cubes of sirloin grilled then lightly seasoned.

miso marinated pork
Miso-marinated pork skewer. Sweet, savory, and just enough fat to make it juicy. Didn't have this last time but man it's addicting.

chicken tendon
Fried chicken knee. It's an extremely popular part of the chicken that most people might cringe at but it's not as bad as it sounds. It has a bit of the crunch of the tendon and the soft bone but nothing that'll scratch your mouth. You would just think it's part of the chicken wing or something if no one told you. It's actually a lot more fun to eat!

chicken meatball
Of course, had to get the handmade chicken meatball skewers. Still as good as I remembered it, and still the best thing on the menu. I love the sauce. The only difference is that last time, it was actually in the shape of a ball, and now it's just this big log on a skewer haha.

Oden. Got it again since I figured it would be good on a rainy day. Turnip, konjac, 3 different kinds of fishcake, tempura, oil tofu, and others make it a satisfying dish.

oil tofu
油豆腐 Oil tofu from the oden. Big big piece.

fish collar
Broiled shio fish collar. Fresh water fish so it has a fishy taste to it. Squeeze of lemon cures all!

stewed pork & potatoes
The waiter convinced me try this: stewed pork and potatoes. In the States, it is usually beef & potatoes but pork is the more dominant protein in Asia, so why not? Shoyu based stock is used in this dish. Really simple but hearty.

chicken wing
Grilled wings. Smallest wings you'll ever see in your life, but I love wings too much to hate this just because of its size :P

kimchi pork
Stir fry pork & kimchi. Calvin agrees that this dish is bomb.com. Perfect with beer.

curry korroke
Curry Korroke with katsu sauce. Fried to a beautiful golden brown, how can you resist this?

Even though a lot of stuff Calvin and I ordered were the same as the time I came with Joyce, I still had a great time here. Of course, the important thing is that the people you are taking along likes it too, and I think this place is just one of those places that you can never be wrong about! Maybe a 3rd visit is in order next time :]