Thursday, November 11, 2010

Taipei: Back to NTU Nightmarket - Day 3

After another long day, I called Calvin up and I met up with him and his family friend near National Taiwan University for some good food! Of course, I've posted quite a few times about the nightmarket near NTU, but there's some new stuff this time around!

台大夜市 NTU Nightmarket
MTR Station: GongGuan

sticky rice wrapped sausage stand
逢甲大腸包小腸 FengJia sticky rice wrapped Taiwanese sausage. This is actually a pretty famous chain for sticky rice wrapped sausage just because they differ themselves by adding a lot more unique toppings to complement sauces or flavor.

Lady prepping the different kind of sausages. Sticky rice sausage is essentially sticky rice stuffed into a normal casing then steamed. After they steam it, they grill it to give it additional flavor the it is sliced in half, and it is used as a bun. As for the Taiwanese sausages, it's known for being sweet, with a hint of garlic.

black pepper sticky rice wrapped sausage
黑胡椒大腸包小腸 black pepper sticky rice wrapped sausage. Man that's a long name. At most places, they just add a black pepper sauce onto the sausages and that would be it. However, this place adds pickled vegetable, grilled onions, basil and a few others to complete it. I always request extra garlic be added onto it too cause it just goes so well with the Taiwanese sausage.

HK-style egg puff
I saw a stand selling 雞蛋仔 egg pastry, which is similar to 雞蛋糕 egg cake, with one being crunchy like a thin waffle and the other more like pancake. Decided I would wait until I get to Hong Kong to get egg pastry, since that's where it originated from anyways.

egg cake
Right after, I saw a 雞蛋糕 egg cake stand and I decided I must have it. It's one of my favorite snack as a kid. $20NT for 9... as a kid it was only $10NT for 10.

egg cake
Freshly made 雞蛋糕 egg cake. Seeing the steam coming off it makes me happy :]

Soft, creamy, eggy. Damn delicious.

at work
After walking around a bit more, saw people lining up for this stand. The sign says fried chicken steak so I was wondering just what kind of fried chicken steak can make people wait in line in the rain?

vietnamese-style fried chicken
Turns out they fry up these 越式炸雞排 Vietnamese-style fried chicken steak.

vietnamese-style chicken
越式炸雞排 Vietnamese-style fried chicken steak. I'm glad I actually waited in line for this cause this was amazing. I told the owner I never had it so prepped two flavors for me: sweet and the other was sour & spicy.

fried chicken
For the sweet, he takes sweet mayo, which is popular in Asian countries, then squirts it on the chicken itself and then adding the salad mix onto it. The chicken itself was amazing. The breading makes it crunchy and whatever they add to the breading for seasoning makes it even better. And since dark meat is used, it is tender and juicy. Honestly though, anything with the sweet mayo is delicious so no wonder so many people ordered it sweet. The owner said I'll probably like the Vietnamese flavor more so he didn't give me too much of the sweet mayo.

The 越式 Vietnamese-styled side. It's essentially dressing made with fish sauce and seasonings then drizzled over the salad mix. After peanuts and aromatics are added in, you can eat the salad by itself, which is damn good, or grab a piece of the fried chicken, dip it in the dressing, and eat it with some salad. Flavor explosion.

pig's blood
Calvin got a 豬血糕 pig's blood, since he heard so about about it. Covered in crushed peanuts and spicy sauce. Yum!

"zhuang" nai shop
Of course, had to go back to 陳三鼎 ChenSanDing for some 撞奶 zhuang nai. Zhuang Nai literally means milk knocked. It got its name from adding different sorts of toppings to fresh milk to create some sort drink.

boba & green bean with fresh milk
綠豆+珍珠+鮮奶 green bean + boba with fresh milk. It's literally just cooked sweetened green bean, boba, and fresh milk. Nothing else. How can something so simple be so damn good??

ice jelly & boba
Of course, you don't have to get it with milk. Calvin and his friend opted for 愛玉+珍珠 ice jelly with boba. Good ice jelly. If you don't know what it is... go to Taiwan and get it cause you are missing out on some good shet.

gua bao
Right across from the drink place is 四海 SiHai, selling 刮包 guabao! SiHai is known for the guabao, which is sorta like a Chinese taco, except it is with pork belly.

pork belly goodness
You can get it with all fat, all lean, or combo pork belly. Of course I got all fat. The braised pork belly fat just melts in your mouth and goes so well with the peanut, suancai (picked vegetable), and cilantro.

candy size of my fist
Had to walk around to digest a bit and saw this lollipop the size of my fist LOL.

qing xin oolong milk tea
Before I hopped on the MRT, grabbed a oolong milk tea from 清心 QingXin to end a very good fooding night :]

Sad I gotta leave Taipei but I seriously went crazy eating over the course of 3 days. Of course if I had time during the day instead of work, I would've ate even more, which is why it was probably a good thing I had work :P Next, off to HK! Until next time Taipei!