Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Taipei: Stinky Tofu and Few Favorites Around 大安 Da-An [Day 5]

Since it was my last day I decided to head to Watson's to buy some stuff that I can't really find in the states and walk around 大安 Da-An Disctrict, which is where my grandma lives. It's always nice to walk around where I spent a good chunk of my childhood and seeing what has changed and of course, sampling on the familiar tastes :]

Had to stop by 永和 again to grab some good ol' Taiwanese breakfast.

Of course got my usual 蛋餅夾飯糰 egg crepe wrapped rice roll!

Also decided to get 蘿蔔糕 turnip cake that morning! So good.

So as I was walking towards Watson's, I saw the egg cake man! He's this guy that's been selling egg cake forever near the Da-An Vocational High School. He has the whole thing rigged onto his motorcycle. Pretty crazy. I didn't get any since he was just starting to set up but he's awesome.

Right across from him is a stand that sells all sorts of fried dumplings and scallion cakes. Well-known around the area as well!

After I got what I needed at Watson's I decided to go next door to 鬍鬚張魯肉飯 Mustache Chang for some awesome 魯肉飯. It's a chain that specializes in nightmarket food but the only difference is they actually gathered everything into a restaurant. They are one of the first to do so and it's definitely cleaner than eating at nightmarkets.

What they are famous for, 魯肉飯 stewed pork rice. Seriously they have one of the best anywhere. They use a really fatty cut of pork but the flavor from that is AMAZING.

Finished it in less than 5 minutes. Glorious :D

Had to go grab a drink so I decided to head over to 清心 (yes, again, I know) for another 700cc haha.

Passed by a MOS Burger on the way there but... had to save room...

My one and only drink that day, another oolong milk tea!

This is what I was saving room for, stinky tofu!! I've been coming to his stand for as long as I can remember. In fact one of my favorite memories as a kid was my grandpa bringing stinky tofu home from this man!

Frying up my order. Damn I wanted to steal that big bottle of pickled cabbage/kimchi... they have one of the best. People will go just to get an order of the cabbage.

As I was waiting for him to prepare my order to go, a crowd started to gather. Truly a gem in this neighborhood.

I also decided to stop by McDonald's to grab a spicy chicken sandwich :P

Once you open up the bag, you smell the wonderful pickled cabbage. Always done right.

Stinky tofu :]] Enough said!

Stinky tofu, pickled cabbage, and a little bit of the chili paste: what a perfect bite!

After I devoured the tofu, it was time for my favorite thing from Taiwan's McDonald's.

Spicy chicken sandwich! It looks like a regular chicken sandwich off the dollar menu but it's so much more. It's bigger and unlike the spicy chicken sandwiches from other chains in the states, it's actually got a kick. They use dark meet in Taiwan so it's incredibly juicy. Ahhhhhhh I want one right now...

After eating some of my old favorites, I had to go pack and prepare for the flight back to the states at midnight. Every time right before I leave there's also something that I wanted to eat but didn't get to and this time it was another one of my favorite, Wang's beef noodle soup. I guess that'll just have to wait till next time!