Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Taipei: Taipei 101 [Day 1]

So instead of crunching each day into one entry like I planned originally, I decided to split it up, to focus in each individual area/restaurant.


After a long flight and a good night's sleep, I woke up at normal hours with no jetlag (surprisingly) around 8am then headed off to Taipei Convention Center Expo Hall 1 for the show. It wasn't bad but after walking around and talking to people all morning, unitl about 4pm, I was seriously hungry as hell. Time flew by fast that day.

Expo Hall 1. Lots of construction going on outside building the new MRT line.

Taipei 101 is right next to it so decided to head down to the food court for a late late lunch.

Lugar. This is definitely something new. Last time I came here this wasn't here. Looks like they serve a lot of sandwiches, paninis, and cafe drinks. Was gonna try this but why eat sandwiches when there's about... 20 other options haha.

Crowded as usual.

Finally decided to try the Hainan Chicken Rice at 三巡海南鷄飯 Sergeant Hainan Chicken Rice.

The whole meal: chicken, soup, and chicken stocked infused rice, for about $120NT!

The chicken was good. Comparable to Savoy's. Probably would've been juicier if I opted for dark meat but it was more expensive. The sauces weren't as good as Savoy's but it can definitely hold its own.

Afterwards, I was walking around 101 and saw Flavor Field, one of my favorite bakeries in Taipei. To me it's comparable to Yamazaki!

All sorts of awesome... delicious.. looking bread.

They had this bread cut in half and it turns out to be a "cookie bread" with a crunchy chocolate top and nutella in the middle. I had to get it.

OMG too good. It just came from the cooling rack in the back when I got it so the nutella in the center was still waaarm. The crunchy top and the creamy, chocolaty center were perfect.

Definitely a good lunch yea? haha.


S.O.F.A.T. BLOG said...

nice! the cookie bread at Flavor Field is my all-time favorite! I took so many pics of just that one bread from last August in Taipei.. isn't the crumb crust freaking amazing??