Monday, March 29, 2010

Taipei: Exploring around NTU [Day 3]

The expo was smaller than I thought so by that Sunday, I had already finished looking at everything and did what I was supposed to. So on the 3rd day(Monday 3/15), I didn't have any plans and I figured I should at least go out and do something, decided to come to 公館 Gong Guan to take a look at the shoes Asia has to offer. There are literally over 10 shops on one street so it really is a good place to shop for sneakers.

Gong Guan MRT stop is right outside of National Taiwan University so there's quite a thriving food culture around the area with lots of cheap eats and food stands made famous by NTU's students.

One of the alleys of 羅斯福路 LuoSiFu Street. Lots of food in all the little alleys around the area.

I knew I was gonna be eating so I stopped by Starbucks and jacked a bunch of their napkins haha. This guy was looking at me all weird when I was taking the picture.

First thing that caught my eye? 沙威瑪 saweima. It's a sandwich popular in Taiwan.

Usually the meat is cut from a big chunk of meat like gyros then they add onions, tomatoes, and condiments to it, but this place teppans the ingredients first!

Soft fresh roll, with freshly teppan-ed meat and veggies.

After eating my saweima and walking around, saw people waiting in line. I was thinking "What the hell is this...?" since there's no sign or anything. (Oh and they don't allow pictures so I had to take it across the street. Probably got pissed from people doing that before ahaha.)

Turned out to be 車輪餅 imagawayaki!! Apparently this place doesn't open all the time. No wonder I hadn't seen it before. Got two flavors: red bean and custard.

Looks good!

Tried the red bean first. I was surprised cause I thought it would be sweeter. You can really taste the red bean. I took a bite of the custard... not a big fan... so I didn't take a picture of it haha.

Right next to that is a stand selling one of my favorites.

豬血糕 pig's blood cake. It's not really a cake but made with pig's blood, glutinous rice, spices, and a few other ingredients, then steamd. Covered with cilantro, peanut powder, and a spicy sauce. Love it.

While I was sitting on a bench eating by my lonesome self, took a picture of the street and you can see all the different restaurants.

Really wanted to get a peppered pork bun but I was already getting full. It smelled good though since it was charcoaled baked, which must mean it probably has a flaky crust. I was pretty weak sauce that day :[ I think I ate too much the the day prior haha.

Had to get a drink after that so stopped by 墾丁蛋蛋ㄉㄨㄞ奶 KenTing DanDan "Duai" Milk. It's a shop that specializes in making boba balls with brown sugar. It's a popular drink in Taiwan to mix fresh milk and good boba and that's exactly this spot's specialty. Apparently this shop is an extremely popular chain in the southern part of Taiwan, having originated from KenTing.

The milk they use is actually pretty good. They use 林鳳營 milk, which can be touted as one of the "higher quality" milk brand in Taiwan. The boba was good too, really chewy and you can definitely taste the brown sugar.

Walked around and saw this lady making 潤餅 Taiwanese spring rolls. Never been a big fan of this but people kept on coming up to her so must be pretty good. Lots of options to fill the rolls with too.

Decided to head back to my grandma's for dinner but had to make a stop and get a milk tea haha. Stopped by 大井烤茶, which is a chain that specializes in baked tea drinks. By baking the tea gives it even more of a roasted flavor, especially for green tea.

Decided to with a baked oolong milk tea. Dark roasted flavors comes through the milk tea. Plus it's always a large at this shop for the price of a 500cc drink hahah. More bang for you buck!

Even though I went to Gong Guan to find sneakers, I Didn't see any sneakers that I wanted but I did have a good time walking around Gong Guan and exploring around. I haven't done that in awhile around that area. Little did I know I was coming back here the next day... :P