Thursday, April 1, 2010

Taipei: The Legendary Beef Noodle Soup Among Flyers [Day 5]

What's the legendary beef noodle soup that's well-known among international travelers??? It's the beef noodle soup at China Airline's VIP Lounge in Taoyuan International Airport.

Why is it so well known? Well for one thing, for all the businessmen or foreigners that used to fly to Taiwan first before landing in China, they never set foot out of the airport since the city is about a 40-50 minute ride by taxi. Naturally they spent most of their time at the airport waiting for transfer flights. China Airline's lounge offers many types of noodle dishes such as beef noodle soup or dan dan noodles. Many businessmen always rave about the beef noodle soup from China Airline that eventually word spread and now the beef noodle soup has gained quite a big following, including me haha.

Beefo noodle soup. Good broth, subtle heat, and the fact that it's unlimited is definitely a good thing! Many people will come way early than required just so they can eat and try many things at China Airline's lounge.

Few selection of dim sum: dumpling, shumai, meat bun.

Yogurt drink! Not the famous 養樂多 Yakult, but 統一多多 is just as good haha.

Getting ready for takeoff. Thank goodness for free upgrades on a packed flight.

Dinner was this amazing looking strip steak with peppercorn sauce. It was a little bit too well done though. Can't exactly have it medium rare when the food's prepared prior to take-off. The dinner was definitely not as fancy as the flight to Taipei.

As for breakfast, I opted for the Chinese-styled breakfast again and got pickled daikon and pork song...

... as well as egg omelette and stir-fry preserved veggies for my side dishes to go along with the porridge.

As the plane was preparing to land, I couldn't help but to wonder how many pounds I had gained on this trip and that how am I gonna deal with the withdrawal that's sure to come. However, as soon as I landed, I swung by the In-N-Out and immediately I'm thinking, "I think I'll be just fine."

Definitely an awesome trip and hopefully I'll get to go back again sometime this year!