Thursday, March 25, 2010

Taipei: 永和豆漿大王 YongHe Breakfast & 青蔥牛肉麵 QingCong Beef Noodle Soup [Day 2]

Woke up 2nd day pretty late since I didn't have to head towards the expo until around noon, so decided to drop by my grandma's and visit her for a bit and also to grab breakfast from one of my favorite spots for Taiwanese breakfast.

FuXing Nan Lu, Section 2, #102
Da-An District, Taipei

So this is my absolute favorite place to grab breakfast. Been coming here forever. They also do several things many breakfast place won't do and that's wrap 蛋餅 egg crepe around everything.

Still busy around 11am.

Hmm what did I get??

My favorite, 蛋餅夾飯糰 egg crepe wrapped rice roll.

There's pork song, pickled daikon, and you tiao (Chinese donut) in the middle. Delicious!

Decided to finish up with guava. Still my favorite fruit. Gotta be guava from Taiwan too haha.

When I was heading out, I passed by this building, which is actually a culinary school. I forgot what it was called but it's been here forever too. Around 4pm you can see students coming out wearing chef's coat and stuff. Most of the students here attend right after high school instead of going to college.

After doing what I needed at the expo, decided to stop by the Shin Kong Mitsukoshi in Shin-Yi District for a late lunch again.

Shin Kong A11 Building's food court Another packed food court around 4pm. Busy even on a Sunday.

信義新光三越 A-11 舘, B2
Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Shin-Yi Branch
Building A-11, Floor B2
After walking around, finally decided on 青蔥, which means green onion, for some beef noodle soup. I figured since I probably won't have time to eat at my favorite spot this time I should at least eat it somewhere else.

Beef noodle soup. It won an award too and was rewarded 5 stars for quality. It was really good actually. Enough spiciness, not overly greasy, soup was easy to drink, and the beef was incredibly tender.

Good cut of brisket I must say, cut against the grain, just like how it should be done. All over the menu they brag about how they use the best cuts of beef imported from Australia. Awhile ago Taiwan had this big controversy about loosening up the legislation on US beef and allowing import of beef from US, so many restaurants switch to Australian beef to boost diners' confidence.

After eating my late lunch, I had time to kill before meeting up with my uncle and aunt for dinner and while I was walking around saw this bakery that had this amazing looking chocolate brioche. I had a lot of self control that day or else I totally would've bought this hahah.

Also saw Lala 徐佳瑩 performing for free. A really good singer live!

Two girls? Nah just a normal couple haha. So when I saw this couple I had to take a picture... because it is such a typical Taiwanese couple. Guy dresses like a girl and totally whipped. You can tell because he's holding all her purse and whatever they bought. Girls in Taiwan have some sort of weird notion that guys should carry their bags for them for some reason. ALWAYS. If you don't then you're considered a bastard or uncaring.

Hell to the no. It may seem like it's such a cute thing to do blah blah blah but really, it makes the guy seem like such a wuss. Girls, you don't want it to seem like you are dating a wuss right? Holding it for awhile while she's in the bathroom is ok but not like this dude. Not all girls are like that but a lot are and I'm secretly rooting for the guy to stand up to her one day and say "NO carry yo own damn bag!" OK my mini-rant hahahah :P


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Australian beef sucks =[