Thursday, March 4, 2010

San Gabriel: Strawberry Cones

Strawberry Cones is this brand new Japanese pizzeria that opened in the Hilton Plaza on Valley Blvd, in San Gabriel, right across from Focus Plaza. It's a fairly big chain in Japan that focuses on Asian-influenced flavors for their pizzas & pastas and their special crust, the Ninja crust. They call it Ninja crust because they add bamboo charcoal to do to give their crust a distinctive flavor and texture. Adding the charcoal also turns the pizza crust into a blackish color, hence the name, Ninja!

Strawberry Cones
227 W Valley Blvd
San Gabriel, CA 91776

The box the pizza comes in. So cool! I like the retro look.

You're allowed to do half/half and even quarters so you have different pizzas. So we ordered a medium teriyaki mochi chicken pizza for one half and and the meat paradise for the other!

Teriyaki mochi chicken pizza with Ninja Crust: smoked chicken, mochi, mozzarella & romano cheese, seaweed, red onion, teriyaki sauce, and japanese mayo on a ninja crust. It's their most popular item on the menu. So f-ing good. The mochi is really chewy and just provides excellent texture.

Cheeeese :]

Instead of tomato sauce, there's a real light spread of the Japanese mayo, which is lighter and sweeter.

See how airy the crust is? Sooo good. Asians love that chewiness hahah.

Meat paradise: canadian bacon, pepperoni, sausages, bacon, bell peppers, red onion, romano cheese and mozzarella with tomato sauce on ninja crust.

They don't skimp on ingredients.

Man... Canadian bacon AND bacon.

Also decided to try their buffalo wings, which is just... average. Nothing special about them. Sorta tastes like the ones from Costco haha.

The rest of the Ninja crust pizzas.

Most of the pizzas are on their regular crust but you can upgrade to a Ninja Crust if you want. I think it was $.75 for a small and $1.50 for a medium.

The history of Strawberry Cones. Apparently there's one in Vancouver too!

I gotta come back and try out some of their other pizzas! Their pastas also looks pretty good. It's definitely something new and unique.


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