Friday, September 12, 2008

Taiwan: MOS Burger

MOS Burger!! A staple in the fast food for Taiwanese people. MOS actually means Mountain, Ocean, Sun haha. Oh those Japanese people and their English. I used to only get to eat at MOS Burger when I do well on my test in school as a reward :P

And of course, this is what they are known for, the 燒肉珍珠堡, which is bbq pork with lettuce between two rice patty buns! I think I ate 4 that day haha.

Then I saw someone next to us having a hotdog, then I realized I haven't had a hotdog in a long time. Where the hell am I gonna get a decent hotdog in China right? So I got a MOS hotdog to satisfy my craving haha. Pretty much a hotdog with a tomato meat sauce (almost like a marinara) with jalapenos. Gotta admit, I was pretty impressed haha.

Yay for MOS Burger!