Saturday, September 13, 2008

Taiwan: Here and There

Here are some of the random food/snacks/drinks I had around Taipei. There's something good everywhere haha. The best is just walking around Taipei and eating whatever you see :]

Popcorn chicken from 遼寧街夜市, just around the corner from my aunt's place!

So... apparently this place got first place in the annual contest for 魯肉飯. I gotta admit, it's pretty damn good. You can tell they used a lot of the 油蔥 (fried onion).

Goose meat from 鵝肉城. Looks plain but it's actually flavored. Amazing.

Oolong Milktea from 清心褔. Oolong milktea is similar to Jasmin milktea except it has a more robust flavor. It's now my favorite place to get milkteas and boba drinks. I hope they didn't use the poisonous milk from China cause I pretty much had one every day hahaha.

雞蛋糕 is pretty much pancake batter poured into a mold the shape of eggs. Plain and simple but I used to eat this as a kid all the time.

潮州胡椒餅 Chaozhou Peppered pork buns. The outside is flaky and crunchy but I still like the ones near 永康街 better.

Main ingredients: pork, green onions, salt, and a lot of pepper.

Tea eggs. Enough said :]


Stinky tofu from the street vendor right around the corner from my grandma's place. This old lady there has been selling stinky tofu there since... as long as I can remember. She makes the best Chinese kimchi too. They way she mixes all the seasonings and the sauces together with the kimchi is just amazing haha.

Oolong milktea from 五十嵐, my 2nd favorite milktea spot.

蛋餅包油條 egg pancake wrapped chinese donut. Yea, not exactly the healthiest thing to eat for breakfast... but meeeeh. It's good, yay for traditional Chinese breakfast hahah :D

黑松沙士 and Assam Black Tea. Two of my favorite kids when I was a kid. 黑松沙士 is a sarsaparilla drink, kinda tastes like Dr. Pepper and root beer.

黑糖竽圓刨冰 Brown sugar taro balls shaved ice from 鮮竽仙. All 鮮竽仙 sells is traditional Taiwanese dessert items, like shaved ice, and grass jelly drinks etc.

Coffee bread from Baker's Boy. I saw people waiting in line for it so I had to do it too haha. It's only good when it's right out of the oven (which is always since they sell out so fast) and the smell is just amazing when it does. Not bad but too expensive for bread in Taiwan (30NT).

I miss Taiwan :[