Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Taiwan: 鼎泰豐 [Din Tai Fung]

Of course, you can't complete a trip to Taiwan without going to the original 鼎泰豐 Din Tai Fung!

Vinegar + ginger = must have for all the buns they have.

Din Tai Fung's 泡菜 kimchi... not as good as I thought haha. But I think it's the only thing that's so-so here :P

The first item, 翡翠餃 vegetable dumpling! I loved the outside of the dumpling. It's thicker and much more "Q" than other places.

And of course you dip it into the vinegar.

The star of Din Tai Fung, 小龍包 xiao long bao!! Still the best ever.

Close up of the beauty :]

If you didn't know, Din Tai Fung is also known for the 酸辣湯 hot & sour soup.

炒空心菜 Stir-fry on-choy. Just on-choy, or water spinach as some people call it, with garlic.

They are also known for their 炸排骨 fried porkchop. It's seasoned fried porkchop and you add some vinegar to it. It's actually a very Shanghai way of eating porkchops.

Ok, fine they are known for a lot of things, like this 蝦仁炒飯 shrimp fried rice. I can eat 4 plates of these... EASILY. I love fried rice hahaha. Japanese people always order this.

A special item at Din Tai Fung, 蟹黃小龍包 crab roe xiao long bao. It's twice as much as normal xiao long bao but the flavor is totally worth it.

炸醬麵 zha jiang mian. It's interesting cause they add edamame and little pieces of tomato to make it sweeter and balance it with the saltiness. Very good. My mom is starting to make it this way now too haha.

發糕, which is a Cantonese-style dessert. It's essentially mashed sticky rice with sugar then steamed.

豆沙包 red bean bun. My favorite dessert here!

Close up of the delicious beauty. Notice how thin the outside layer is. Din Tai Fung's known for that.

I just love Din Tai Fung, and it's even better when my aunt's treating hahaha.