Saturday, September 13, 2008

Taiwan: 泰荷 [Patio Thai Cuisine]

So in Taiwan at most of the Thai restaurants, you order dishes and share it among people, a la family-style of Chinese food. The dishes are slightly different from their US counterparts. I love Thai food in Taiwan, cause it focuses really heavily on the sour aspect of Thai food. Awesome :D

Went to Patio Thai on top of SOGO Department Store with my mom and sister.

Started off with an appetizer, fried fishcake. They provide a sweet&sour dipping sauce for it.

蝦醬炒空心菜 sauteed on-choy. This is a dish that's actually invented by the Thai restaurants in Taiwan. At first Thailand didn't have this dish but then it got so popular they started making it this way too. Pretty much, they sautee on-choy with shrimp paste, and that's about it! Love it haha.

辣子雞 spicy fried chicken. This is the first time I had this dish like this since usually the chicken are in smaller pieces, but still very good.

Some sort of coconut-based soup. I can't remember the name of it since it but it has seafood in this sour broth and they add coconut milk to balance it out.

The main star, 檸檬魚 lemon fish. It's fish steamed with garlic, green onions, cabbage, and lemon slices. The lemon gives it a really refreshing flavor. My favorite dish in Thai cuisine :]