Sunday, September 14, 2008

Taiwan: 桃園街老王牛肉麵 [Wang‘s Beef Noodle]

桃園街老王牛肉麵 is absolutely my favorite place to get beef noodle soup in Taiwan. It's started off as a modest little stand but now it has expanded to a 2-story tall restaurant haha. It's amazing how it has evolved. It only has 6, 7 items on their menu but they are making bank on them.

泡菜 kimchi. It's better than a lot of places. Always get it to sort of get the appetite going.

粉蒸排骨 steamed sticky rice porkchop. This is a famous dish and many places that serves beef noodle soup will somewhat of a variation to it. Essentially, they take sticky rice, mash it up, then mix it with either porkchops, pork intestine and any cuts of meat to be steamed.

Their 酸菜, which is my favorite out of everywhere. I think they add garlic to it.

The beautiful noodle soup!

And of course you gotta add the 酸菜 to complete it :D

By the way, I finished it in like... 10 minutes haha.