Tuesday, February 9, 2010

NYNY 2009: Shake Shack

After the MET on the first day, we decided to grab a lunch late and after much deliberation, we decided to go to Shake Shack. Good thing the one closer to us was the newer location. Would've sucked eating outside in 30 degree rainy weather.

Shake Shack
366 Columbus Ave
New York, NY 10024

shake shack
The newer Shake Shack on the Upper West Side. Hooray for indoor seating on a super cold day!

Oh man.. I seriously wanted to order everything... burgers, custards, shakes..

double cheese burger
Here's the good ol' Shake Shack double burger - meat, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, buttered toasted buns, and special sauce. It can definitely rival In-N-Out.

I ordered the Stuffed Portobello Burger - fried cheese stuffed portobello, meat, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, buns, and special sauce.

Look at all that cheesy goodness! Orgasmic

cheese burger
Regular Cheeseburgers.

Regular Fries & Cheese Fries. I love fries that are shaped like this! Haha it's like.. old school cafeteria fries :P

And of course, can't try the Shake Shack without getting their famous custard shakes: strawberry and black&white shakes.

Honestly, Shake Shack was extremely satisfying but it might be because we were hella hungry. I can definitely see what the hype was all about and why New Yorkers love Shake Shack!


Sonya Kuo said...

those look yummy! hi duke!

jchao said...

jigga cack!!!
looks goodddddddd
i never knew u had a food blog...
oolong milk tea yay