Monday, February 8, 2010

NYNY 2009: Le Pain Quotidien

Right after Penelope, we headed towards Central Park for the MET but we had a to wait for Mikol's friend to get us into the MET for free so we decided to stop at Le Pain Quotidien for a cup of coffee since all of us was hella tired from the flight still. I know there's a bunch here in LA also, but this is actually my first time in one haha.

Le Pain Quotidien
1131 Madison Avenue
(between 84th St & 85th St)
New York, NY 10028

Le Pain Quotidien cafe
A shot of the logo & cafe.

bread menu holder
They use day old bread as their menu holder!

Since I wasn't really hungry I just ordered a mochacinno, which I find that it doesn't exist in LA haha. I think I just like the foam on top.

chocolate croissant
Mikol opted for a chocolate croissant. Their chocolate croissant is actually really good. Flaky, doesn't taste too buttery.

soft-boiled egg
While we were waiting for out coffee, Mikol saw someone with hardboiled egg and so he ordered it haha. I gotta say, the dude can eat. Nothing special really... except for the bread. Can't beat artisan bread made fresh every morning.

The best part about eating their bread is the spread and jams you can use. They have apricot and strawberry preserves, as well as a chocolate spread they call Noir. The spreads were orgasmic. I loved the strawberry preserves. I would've bought some home but after I saw the price tag, I think I'll just stick with my Fresh&Easy preserves hahaha.