Thursday, February 11, 2010

NYNY 2009: Mariella, Serendipity3

After spending half the day walking around Central Park on the 2nd day, we started to head towards the infamous Serendipity3 to try their famous frozen hot chocolate.

chicken kabob
Just out of Central Park, there's a bunch of food carts and I decided to try a chicken kabob with red sauce. Not bad... pretty much just grilled chicken and a little bit expensive for street food.

Mariella Pizza
151 E 60th St
(between 3rd Ave & Lexington Ave)
New York, NY 10022

As Mikol and I are walking down Lexington to meet up with Diana and Connie, we saw this pizza shop and since we haven't had pizza yet in NY, we decided to take a quick stop and get a slice each. Inside we see a newspaper article and it says that Oprah claims Mariella as the best pizza in NY. Hmm.. I wonder..

A shot of the pizzeria. Apparently there's a few Mariella in NY? Should be good.

A good old slice of their cheese pizza.

A slice of their special which is pepperoni, mushrooms, and sausages. Not bad. Crust was a little chewy. I like my crust a little bit more crunchy for NY-style pizzas. Mariella wasn't bad but it really wasn't anything special. I feel like it's probably pretty average, especially in a city known for their pizzas. But since they got a few locations, they must be doing something right.

225 E 60th St
(between 2nd Ave & 3rd Ave)
New York, NY 10022

So after grabbing a kabob and having a slice of pizza, we met up with Diana and Connie and finally got to Serendipity3.

Sorry for the poor shot of the restaurant.

Crowded inside. Lots of tourists haha.

Their famous Frrrozen hot chocolate! Decadent, creamy, and very very sweet. I can definitely see why some people love it and see why people think it's all hype. It's essentially just really rich hot chocolate, blended with ice. Worth the $8.95?

Frrrozen mint hot chocolate. See the tiny mint leaf? Not bad. Liked it a lot better than the original. The mint flavor definitely helps out with the sweetness.

Connie ordered nachos and thank goodness we had nachos. We would eat it while drinking the frozen hot chocolate to cut away the sweetness. Saved us from sweets overload haha.

Overall impression of Serendipity3: it's good but full of hype created by girls!