Monday, February 15, 2010

NYNY 2009: Jean Georges

Last post about my NY trip back in December of 2009!

On the last day of our trip in NY, we had lunch at Jean-Georges. It's a fine-dining establishment inside the Trump Tower next to Central Park. We had to make our reservation a month ahead of time just to get a 2pm lunch reservation. For lunch they have a prix fixe menu where you can order 2 courses for $28, free appetizer & dessert, an extremely good value. You can also add additional courses for $14 each. I opted for 3 total.

1 Central Park W.
New York, NY 10023

Jean-Georges sign oustide.

Whooo my first Michelin rated restaurant! Not to mention 3-stars!

Amuse bouche (appetizers): ravioli in duck confit, jalapeno & cheese fritter, salmon sashimi with clementine. absolutely loved the ravioli.

So much flavor. Wished it was spicier for the fritters and wow.. interesting combination with the raw salmon with beet juice and clementine. So good.

Connie and my first course: foie gras brulee with sour cranberries, candied pistachios, and white port gelee.

A m a z i n g. Foie gras by itself is already amazing but they carmelize the outside of the foie gras with sugar.

Mikol's hamachi sashimi with sherry vinaigrette & toasted pecans. The vinaigrette reminds me of yuzu and the toasted pecans totally tasted like benito flakes.

Mikol's sea scallops sashimi. I forgot what the sauce was...

Connie's parmesean risotto with mushrooms and herbs. Sounds simple but why mess with beautiful flavors.

I think we all got this: peekytoe crab cake with scallions and a sesame crust with fresh pear & spicy mustard sauce. Tastes a lot like those chinese sesame pancakes (大餅). The crab definitely makes it pop. Lots of it too.

My main course: red snapper crusted with nuts and seeds with sweet&sour jus and cherry tomatoes. The crust is the best part. I didn't even need the fish, just give me the crust.

Connie & Diana's salmon. Totally forgot was the sauce is but the salmon was poached perfectly in butter.

Mikol's skate with chateau chalon sauce. Probably my least favorite since I don't really like skate.. and I wished the chateau chalon sauce was stronger... or just give me the wine on the side to enhance it ;]

After we devoured our main course, I decided to go crazy and order dessert: trio of chocolate.

This one is crazy: chocolate noodles with peppermint broth & white chocolate ice cream. It tasted like a peppermint patty as a whole! Have no idea how they made the choco noodles.

The chocolate lava cake & vanilla bean ice cream. Perfect combination. The warm chocolately center is the best.

Of course they also served up complimentary dessert for eveyrone.

Vanilla bean marshmallows. The vanilla takes an ordinary marshmallow and transforms it.

Chocolate macarons! Light hint of chocolate. I think I ate two of them haha.

Assortment of chocolates. After the macarons, I was too stuffed so I only got to try two of the chocolates. Very very rich. I should've wrapped a napkin around it and took it with me :P

Overall, amazing dining experience: attentive service, enjoyable food, and great atmosphere. Now I see why everybody raves about Jean-Georges.


SOFAT BLOG said...

The sauce around the raw scallops was cranberry! So delicious!