Tuesday, November 6, 2012

New York: Visiting Old Favorites, Katz's & Eataly

"Finally home!"  That was the first thought that popped into my head after being stuck in NY for a week and landing in LAX.  Thanks to Hurricane Sandy, my weekend trip to NY for Halloween turned into a week long vacation... and used up all my PTO!  Can't really complain though since we were safe and thanks to good friends and Jimmy housing us, it was a very very bromantic and eventful week.

Started the weekend off exactly how we planned, and then all of a sudden, Sandy showed up, forcing all airlines to cancel their flights from Sunday night and on.  Instead of flying out on Monday, Edwin, Link, and I didn't know when we would be able to leave.  We just kept calling the airlines or going online trying to find out, and it wasn't until the afternoon we realized we were gonna be in NY for awhile.  I kept trying to see if I can fly out of Newark, but after seeing the news, I changed my rebooked flight from Wednesday to Friday to be on the safe side.

Of course, being stuck in NY for a week, I ate a lot more there too.  Rather than posting it day by day like I usually do, I'll just post it in groups.  I actually lost my sense of time for a bit thanks to being stuck in doors and having a random week long break haha.

Started off the trip visiting a few old favorites: Katz's and Mario Batali's Eataly in the Flatiron District!

Since I took the red eye flight on Thursday night, I stopped by a Dunkin' Donuts near Jimmy's apartment.

chocolate glazed & blueberry cream
Chocolate Glazed and Blue Cream.

half eaten
Both were... meh.  I want Krispy Kreme :P


Link and Edwin got there on Thursday, and after a night out, they were still sleeping when I got to Jimmy's.  By the time they got ready to go out, it was already past lunch time and what better way to start off NY than a visit to Kat's?

Katz's Delicatessen
205 E Houston St 
Between Avenue A & Essex St
Lower East Side
New York, NY 10002 

Yea, I love Katz's.  Pastrami orgasm.

Cool neon signs they have.

that's all
Katz's is all you need :P

sandwich makers
The craziness that is Katz's.  Always so many people.

pastrami on rye
This time I requested a leaner cut, with more bark.  It was definitely a bit tougher compared to other times.

Still, so damn good with that mustard.


Afterward Katz's and walking around for a bit, we were out of time pretty much since we were attending Friday night's Sensation in Brooklyn.  We got back to Jimmy's and changed, and decided to grab a quick bite before heading to Brooklyn.

Go! Go! Curry! is actually a transplant from Japan with over 50+ locations worldwide and literally just one block away from Jimmy's!  The Midtown location is extremely small and a hole-in-the-wall.  First look, you wouldn't even think much of it :P  Too bad I didn't have my camera with me since I didn't want to lose it at Sensation and took these pictures with the iPhone.

Go! Go! Curry!
273 W 38th St 
Between 7th Ave & 8th Ave
Midtown West
New York, NY 10018

small hole in the wall
Small two man open kitchen, and probably seats around 20-25 people.

The four of us decided to get two plates of their famous Grand Slam Curry Plate to share, and damn, it's a lot of food.

chicken katsu, pork katsu, shrimp, sausage, egg
Comes with pork katsu, chicken katsu, fried shrimp, Kurobuta sausage, and egg.  Go! Go! Curry! is actually certified to serve Kurobuta pork, which is Japanese Berkshire.  Curry's darker than other's I've tried, and a heavier dosage in terms of spices.  Very good though!  All the toppings were fried, except for the egg.  I like how they also drizzle katsu sauce on top of the two katsu.

Afterwards, we took the subway to Brooklyn for Sensation, decked out in white :P  Here's some pictures taken on my iPhone.  Good times!
mr. white at the helm one of the bass speakers from the main floorfedde le grand end of the night view from the top
Click to enlarge


On Saturday, slept till noon... so by the time we got ready to head out, it was around 1pm already.  Checked out the 9/11 Memorial and stopped by a favorite of mine, Eataly.  Actually visited Eataly several times in March and loved the place (check out here and here).  Even though it is very touristy, can't deny that there's just a lot to see, smell, and eat there!

The pool where one of the WTC tower used to stand.

Afterwards, we were off to Eataly since Link and Edwin's never been.  Definitely excited since I can probably spend a whole day in there.

200 5th Ave
New York, NY 10010

Crowded as usual!

espresso bar
Again, stopped by the espresso bar!

espresso machine
The barista and the crazy espresso machine.

Whole beans available.

Single espresso shot.  Lots of caffeine to get the day started.

Gotta have the biscotti cookie!

Single espresso macchiato.  

After the espresso shots, we walked around a bit.  Saw this rotating display full of caviar.  Damn I want it.

Fresh uni and shellfishes!

The butcher shop.  Every single piece there had this nice fresh look to it.

fresh pasta
Where you can get fresh made pasta.

center area
La Piazza, which is this area in the center of Eataly where you can grab a table and order as if you are in Venice.

Charcuterie and cheeses.

fresh mozza
The fresh mozzarella station where they make mozzarella right in front of you.

salami plate
We wanted to dine at Il Pesce but there was a wait so we decided to grab a standing table at La Piazza to get some food firstand just like last time, got the Grande Piatto Mistodi Salumi & Formaggi.  Comes with Prosciutto Cotto, Prosciutto di Parma, Prosciutto di San Daniele, mortadella, salami, and speck.

cheeses & preserves
Also comes with Ricotta, Parmigiano Reggiano, Caprino, and Gorgonzola.  The only cheese that was different from last time was the Caprino, which is a type of Italian goat cheese.  Very smooth and creamy.  The fresh ricotta is still ridiculously good.

apricot, figs, honey
Almond infused honey, preserved fig, and preserved apricot.

fresh mozzarella
We also got The Classic, which is traditional fresh mozzarella with basil and extra virgin olive oil.  Jimmy said the last time he had it, it was very rubbery, but it was perfect that Saturday.

Had to get a bottle of wine with all that good food. 

serafini vidotto bollicine rose
Went for the Serfaini & Vidotto Bollicine Rose, as recommended by the waiter.

Right when we finished, they called and informed us our table was ready.  Perfect timing!  Menu from Il Pesce, which is the eatery inside Eataly that focuses on seafood.

Specials of the day.  We actually only ordered from the board instead of the menu :P

Artisan bread to start with.

local squid with italian parsley & chili
Grilled local squid with Italian parsley& chili.  We were thinking about this already and when we asked the waiter how it is, he said it was an appetizer but that the size of the batch that day was big enough to be an entree.  Awesome.

grilled squid
Simple prep, but so good!  Grilled perfectly so it doesn't have that rubbery texture.

Small microgreen salad.  Light dressing.

razor clam ceviche
Jimmy kept talking about this razor clams special he had the other day, but it wasn't on the board, so went with the Peruvian razor clam ceviche instead.

razor clam
Acidic, citrusy, and refreshing.  Razor clam is definitely one of my favorite shellfish.

We had to get a whole fish too, and went with the special Branzino al Forno.  Branzino is also known as European sea bass.  Simple preparation and oven baked.

white flaky fish
Delicate white fish.  Squirt some lemon over it and it's perfect!

Another fun visit to Eataly, especially when I got to try something new.  Even though it was simple and nothing too fancy, freshness is what matters and the dishes were great!  

Afterwards, took a few pictures of the Flatiron building, then headed towards Chelsea Market.