Wednesday, November 14, 2012

New York: Sandy Party

What do New Yorkers do when a super storm comes shuts majority of NYC down?  Eat and drink!

That was what we literally did when Edwin, Link, and I got stuck in NYC cause our flights got canceled.  We, along with Jimmy, Janice, Allison, and Tim, just stayed in the living room playing drinking games all day. Somehow the small living room fit all 7 of us :P  We were lucky since the power, TV, and internet did not go out where we were, so we didn't feel Sandy as much as others.  There were even a few pizzeria and food places opened, doing deliveries during the storm!  Probably got hella business haha.

Like all of NYC, we went to the market and bought a bunch of food, ended up only cooking 3 meals, bought pizzas and beers during the storm, and even went to an empty Times Square at 2am.  It was definitely a different NYC experience.

living room
The living room.  Where Edwin, Link, and I slept for a week.  Seriously though, thank goodness we didn't have to stay at a hotel.

When I woke up the morning Sandy hit on Oct 29th, breakfast was already ready!  Thanks to Janice, Allison, Tim, and Jimmy.  They even had a tub of King Taco's red sauce.  They were prepared haha.

avocado & eggs
Avocado scrambled eggs.  Fancy!


What to do after breakfast?  SANDY PARTY!  We spent the majority of the day playing drinking card games.

We actually ran out of beer pretty fast so we went out to a market nearby that's still open to get some more: Bud Light, Yuengling, Heineken, and sake.  I wanted ice cream so also got some Edy's Mint Chip haha. We passed a dollar pizza place and they were still open!  Usually a whole pie is $8, but that day they were charging $10.  

Cheese pizza.  Not bad.  The crust wasn't as good as some of the other $1 pizza places.

We added a ton of garlic, oregano, and red chili flakes haha.

Always have Cup Noodles ready!

For dinner, we decided to pan fry the chicken thighs we bought, and make some curry.

Pot of curry slowly simmering.  We added onions and carrots to it.

curry plate
It's a pretty and delicious plate if I say so myself :P  Add some green onion some Korean furikake... perfect.

Another plate.  

After spending a whole day drinking and staying indoors, some of us were getting a bit restless.  Luckily, the storm pretty much passed NYC by 2am, so we decided to go for an early morning walk.  

I've never seen Times Square so empty.  Only a few people walking, but most of the people on the streets were NYPD.

This was Edwin's first visit to NYC, and he got to see an empty Times Square.

Just a few blocks away, it was completely dark since power went out, but Times Square was still lit.  Sorta pretty how the light just reflects off the water.

On our way back, we decided to stop by Papaya Dog, which is right around the corner from Jimmy's.  No, it's no the popular Gray's or Papaya King, but good enough when most storms were closed.  I went for a corndog.

philly cheese steak
Edwin's Philly Cheesesteak with fries.

Lean steak, cheese, mayo, ketchup, and veggies.  Sorta odd to have ketchup in a cheesesteak, but for what it is and the price, not bad actually.

It was definitely what Edwin, Link, and I imagined when we came to New York City, but good friends and alcohol always mean a good time haha.  Homemade meals may not look as good as high end restaurants, but there's always that comforting feeling you get from a meal like that!