Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New York: Once More in Eataly - Day 4

Been somewhat busy with work but finally got time to finish the last post of my trip to NY during this past St. Patrick's weekend!

On the last day, we decided to walk around Central Park and others wanted to meet up with a few friends.  Before we split off, we decided to stop by Eataly once more and grab some food from one of the eateries inside!

La Pizza & Pasta (Eataly)
200 5th Ave
New York, NY 10010

la pizza & pasta
La Pizza & Pasta.

pasta menu
Part of the menu.

pizza oven
Pizza oven imported from Italy!

EVOO + balsamic is a must.

Rustic artisan bread.

La Pizza Margherita!  Mozarrella, tomato sauce, Parmigiano Reggiano & basil.

Awesome fresh mozza and super crispy crust.

There was only ONE basil haha. Sorta ridiculous to have only ONE basil leaf on the pizza :P

Neopolitan pizza done right and the fresh mozzarella is great with the sauce.

Tagliatelle al Ragu di Manzo
My Tagliatelle al Ragu di Manzo.  Housemade pasta with braised short rib ragu. Savory with tender short trib. A little salty.

short rib
Short rib hiding underneath!

Pasta al Forno al Ragu
Ben's Pasta al Forno al Ragu.  Lasagna with Italian ragu. Probably my favorite. I'm a sucker for lasagna.

Pasta al Forno al Pesto
Ahrhan's Pasta al Forno al Pesto.  Lasagna with pesto & bechamel sauce. Nice pesto sauce.

Audrey's Pappardelle.  Housemade pasta with chicken in tomato sauce & basil. It's not on the menu but as a special of the day.

Pansotti di Ricotta e Spinachi
Diana's Pansotti di Ricotta e Spinachi.  Housemade pasta with local ricotta, spinach, lemon butter & pistachio. Sounds sorta heavy but it's actually pretty refreshing thanks to the lemon.

espresso gelato
I wanted something sweet afterwards so headed off to the gelato section.  Decided on the Espresso Gelato, and wow it packs a punch!


Afterwards, we took the subway and headed towards Times Square and Central Park, and after a looong walk, headed towards Shake Shack for our meal before our flight!

Shake Shack
366 Columbus Ave
Between 77th St & 78th St
Upper West Side
New York, NY 10024

shake shack
After hanging out at Central Park for a bit, decided to end our trip with some good ol' American food from Shake Shack!  Went to the Upper West Side location.

burger fries
Shack Shack Burger with Fries.

Just as good as I remembered it, but still, In-N-Out takes the crown!

Crispy fries!

malt concrete
Decided to try a "concrete" this time.  "Concrete" is essentially their term for frozen custard that is blended with toppings!  Went for the Natural History "Crunch-stellation" which has Vanilla custard, malt, Valrhona chocolate crunchies, and chocolate toffee.  Creamy and sweet.

The tables there are made from recycled bowling lanes!  I thought that was pretty cool.

And with the end of that meal, we walked back towards our hotel to grab our bags for our trip back to LA. Always feel a little sad at the end of a trip, but this was definitely one of those trips that I can say we tried to do as much as we can for a "long weekend!"  Till next time, NYC.

A little bonus:IMG_9107.JPG
There was a food truck serving Taiwanese-style bento!  Didn't get to try it... wonder how it tastes?


Linh N. said...

Awesome website =]

I'm sure you would want to try Bian Dang because they incorporate such interesting flavors. Get the Chicken Leg with Meat Sauce and tea egg, I totally missed out on the tea egg and I regret it. Bian Dang has a location on 32nd Street midtown inside Food Gallery.

Shake Shack said...

Thanks so much for making Shake Shack a part of your trip to NYC! Hope you had an awesome vacation, and our team can't wait to see you again next time you're in the city.

-Brandy, Shake Shack