Tuesday, November 20, 2012

New York: Artisan Ice Cream at Je & Jo

One of the best surprise this trip was going to this artisan ice cream & cafe shop in Hell's Kitchen.  After lunch at Tabata, we went to Je & Jo for some dessert, and yes, it was cold, but good ice cream is always worth it!

Je & Jo
515 W 47th St
Hell's Kitchen, Midtown West
New York, NY 10036

Small place, sorta hard to find since it's under scaffolds too.

A look outside from inside the shop.

They are known for the artisan organic ice cream with all types of cookie dough!

all natural ice cream
All natural ice cream & cookie dough.

drinks menu
Drinks menu.

fresh mint with lemon lavender shortbread
I went for the Fresh Mint with Lemon Lavender Shortbread.  

How small the cup is.  Quite pricey for the size.

I was expecting the ice cream to be green, but it's more white, with little specs of green. They actually have fresh mint in the ice cream! The mint is light but just enough for you to taste it. The shortbread cookie dough had a strong lavender flavor to it. Can definitely see this be really popular with girls.

honey & salted rosemary
My favorite, Honey with Salted Rosemary Shortbread.

Sweet & salty works well here.

warm chocolate chip
Of course, with so many cookie dough options, they bake their own cookies!  I had to get a chocolate chip after seeing another person ordering it and they went straight to the kitchen to get it since it was still on the cooling rack!  Warm chocolate chip cookies??  YES.

Other's lattes.


Since we still had a bunch of food from the market we bought in preparation for Sandy, we decided to stay in for dinner.  Thanks to Janice, Allison, and Sunny for cooking!

Pasta with meatballs & garlic bread.

Meatball... turkey?  I forget :P

garlic bread
Garlic bread!

Since it was just the day after Sandy had passed by, we didn't venture out too much, but it was a whirlwind of eating for the next couple of days until our flights back!