Wednesday, November 7, 2012

New York: Hanging Out On Bleecker Street

After Eataly, we headed towards Chelsea Market area to meet up with Janice and Allison and their friends.  Just so happens, The Standard is there with a cool rooftop bar, so before our next food spot, we went up to the top to check out the view.

Le Bain
848 Washington St
Between 13th St & Little W 12th St
New York, NY 10014

We went to the Top of the Standard, but it was quite empty, so went to the rooftop, Le Bain.

View from the top of Hudson.  Definitely looks like a storm's coming... little did we know that Sandy would be THAT crazy.

Towards the city.

Menu at Le Bain.

Cucumber lemonade
Half of us decided to go with the Cucumber Lemonade, which is vodka, cucumber, lemon, and soda.  I believe they made it with Stoli.  Couldn't really taste the alcohol.  Refreshing though!


After hanging out for a bit, we decided to head to Fish to grab dinner.  Highly recommended by Jimmy since they have this great special for raw oysters and clams.  On the way there, I saw Bleecker Street Pizza and I recognized that name from TV so I had to get a pizza there.  While the others ordered at Fish, I went to Bleecker Street and had myself a slice.

Bleecker Street Pizza
69 7th Ave S 
Between Commerce St & Bleecker St
West Village
New York, NY 10014

bleecker street pizza
Looks like any plain old pizzeria in NY.

I REALLY REALLY wanted to try their Nonna Maria pizza, but sadly, when I went they didn't have any :[  I settled for their sausage pizza instead.  The great thing about the pizza at Bleecker Street is that amazing crust. That crust is crunchy...  addictingly crunchy.  It doesn't hurt that the marinara sauce and the sausage were good as well.

280 Bleecker St 
Between Jones St & Commerce St
West Village
New York, NY 10014

Fish, where the others were waiting for the plate of raw goodness.

outside window
We decided to just place our order at the Raw Bar, which is at the front of the restaurant, since it was so packed inside.

menu & specials
Raw Bar special: 6 Blue Point Oysters, 6 Clams, and either a glass of wine or a pint of PBR for $8.  EIGHT DOLLARS!  That's cheap anywhere, let alone New York.

Shucking our order.

We opted for the PBR.  Not a fan of PBR, but on the draft, definitely way better than can.

I believe we got two orders of the special?  Blue Point Oysters are actually local, sourced from Long Island.  Fresh, briny, not as delicate as some of the smaller ones I've had, but not bad with lemon and Tobasco.  Still can't really do raw oysters, so only ate 2... gotta slowly work my way up haha.

These clams, on the other hand, were bomb!  I prefer the sweeter flavor and texture of clams way much more than oysters.  Vinegar, horseradish, and lemon's all I need.

horseradish and a variety of condiments
Fresh horseradish and other condiments to go with the raw plate.


After we finished, I had to go back to Bleecker Street Pizza just to see if they had the Nonna Maria.  I was actually pretty damn anxious before I went back in because I really want to try the pie.  Good thing I did go back because there were only two slices left so Allison and I each grabbed a slice!

nonna maria
The famous Nonna Maria Pie!  Thin crust with fresh mozzarella, homemade marinara sauce, parmesan and fresh basil.  It is ridiculously good.  Essentially a margherita, but so much better than anywhere else!  The crust is crunchy, plenty of mozzarella, great marinara sauce, and the liberal amount of basil makes the whole pie.

mozzarella, basil, tomato
Add some red chili flakes, garlic powder, and parmesan cheese... Bam.

I was pretty full after having that last slice, since I already had a slice earlier and eating at Fish, but it was totally worth it.  Really one of the best slices of pizza I've had in NY!