Thursday, April 22, 2010

Torrance: BabyCakes Baking Company

BabyCakes is a nice little cupcake bakery located at the bottom of PV on Hawthrone. I've passed by it countless of times but I never get there early enough after work to try it out, but finally last week I got my chance. I usually don't buy cupcakes from these bakeries since they are all so far away from me and I think they are so hyped up. I tried my first Sprinkles cupcake about 2 years after everybody knew about them haha. But just so happens this one is close by, so why not?

Oh and yea this isn't the same Baby Cakes that's in DTLA. This location doesn't have the famous "vegan cupcakes" that Baby Cakes NY is known for haha. I think BabyCakes Torrance first opened then Baby Cakes NY moved into LA.

BabyCakes Baking Company
24205 Hawthorne Boulevard
Torrance, CA 90505

Different logo. Decided to get 3 to try...

red velvet
Their red velvet. Not bad, fairly moist. The cream cheese frosting is definitely the star.

My favorite, the Zesty Lemon. I love how the cupcake has the lemon flavor played out pretty well, in the cake itself, and in the frosting. Definitely added that extra oomph.

triple chocolate
This was one of their "specialty cupcakes" so it costs $3 instead of $2.50, the Triple Chocolate. A chocolate cupcake with chocolate mousse in the middle of the cake and dark chocolate frosting on top. It wasn't as moist as the others but the mousse in the middle was definitely a nice surprise when you bite into it!

They also started to offer ice cream sandwiches, just like Baby Cakes NY. Don't know who is copying who there haha. They rotate the flavors of their cupcakes daily so I might go back and try a few others. It's just so damn expensive :[ $8 for 3 isn't that bad but shoot... $8 can get me 20pcs chicken mcnuggets, fries, and a drink at McD hahah.