Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Downtown LA: Drago Centro

Happy hour is such a beautiful thing.

Drago Centro is a popular downtown Italian restaurant opened by Celestino Drago, who also owns several others around LA. Came here for happy hour with a group of about 15 on a Thursday, so we were able to reserve the outside patio for our use. It was nice, had small tables and chairs outside, and heat lamps (fortunately it wasn't freezing that day). Since Thursdays for Drago is all-day-happy-hour, we certainly took advantage of it.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to take a picture of everything since it got dark pretty quick but did get a few good ones!

Drago Centro
25 South Flower Street
Los Angeles, CA 90071

happy hour
Free valet doesn't hurt at all when it's downtown!

amaziness on a plank
The house selection of charcuterie. Different cuts of cured meat is always good when sipping on some wine.

quiche with amazing crust
Quiche with pork belly, artichoke, and parmesan. It has the.. best crust ever. No joke. Better than any pies. The creme fraiche helped cut the heaviness of the quiche.

happy hour
Nice glass of the Di Majo Norante Sangiovese. Drago is also known for the wine tower that sits in the middle of the restaurant. Totally forgot to take a picture.

sliders & pizzas
Kobe beef burger sliders & 2 different types of pizzas. The sliders were amazing. Sauteed mushroom and fontina is such a great combination with the juicy kobe beef.

La pizza margherita & la pizza alla salsiccia. The margherita had a perfect crust and definitely good mozarella. The sausage pizza was just as good, since the sausages are nicely spiced and seasoned.

Sooo that's all the pictures I was able to take. Next time, must try go back and try the happy hour again. There's a few other things that I didn't get to try! Let's go!