Thursday, June 30, 2011

Redondo Beach: Uni is an Aqcuired Taste

Michael and Connie paid me a visit a few weekends ago, and decided to take them to Redondo Beach Pier for some spicy fish soup at Pacific Fish Center. Even though I did just go there recently with Young and Lydia, figured... why not, it's a beautiful day!

Redondo Beach Pier
W Torrance Blvd
Redondo Beach, CA 90277

View from our table at Pacific Fish Center.

live shrimp
I had to get the live shrimp again. Just as good as I remembered!

shrimp head
With the live shrimp, you also get the fried shrimp heads!

shrimp head
Ahhhh so good. Shrimp flavor to the max.

spicy fish soup
Spicy fish soup once again! A large this time :P

spicy fish soup
Yes :] Fish (prob cod), mushroom, green onion, tofu, cabbage, daikon etc. Good stuff.

quality seafood
After we killed the soup, walked around a bit and headed down one level of the pier and headed to Quality Seafood for some fresh fresh fresh uni!

Since 1953!

fresh seafood
It's an old school spot that sells all sorts of fresh seafood. They even have an oyster bar right at the front and you can choose from over 20+ oysters to have it shucked in front of you. Ranges from $1.65~$2.50. A LOT of people go for that.

fresh yellowtail
Fresh yellowtail!! Would totally get it if I knew how to cut and fillet fish... hmmm... hamachi sashimi and kama.

sea urchin
What Connie and Michael were aiming for! Fresh sea urchin for some uni.

sea urchin
Sorry buddy. You gon die.

fish monger
Fishmonger opening up the sea urchin for us...

... and you get this!! Uni! As fresh as it can get! Flavored with a little sea water. It was actually still moving around while it was sitting on the plate hahaha.

I have never seen uni with that shade of yellow. It's had such a vibrant yellow color.

Look at all the little egg sac haha. To be honest, I still have not acquired the taste for uni yet... it's still a bit too much for me.

Yea, Connie and Michael killed it. I only had a little spoonful, and now I can say I did it haha.

ice cream shop
Afterwards, decided to grab dessert!

choco covered
Michael's chocolate covered black cherry ice cream cone.

black cherry ice cream
Just your typical Dreyer's ice cream, but man, the black cherry is good already, but on a warm day, it was even better.

funnel cake w/ french vanilla & mint chip
Connie and I decided to share a funnel cake topped with french vanilla & mint chip. Funnel cake was disappointing :[

Good food, good friends, beautiful weather: it was a good day!


S.O.F.A.T. Blog said...

I asked the lady the following weekend what kind of fish it was; she said hah-lee-butt (halibut) in her Korean accent, hahaha... glad you conquered your fear of the uni!