Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Chicago: Donut & Deep Dish

Coming to Chicago, I had 3 things that I really really wanted to try: donuts from Doughnut Vault, legit deep dish pizza, and dine at Girl & the Goat (achieved on Sunday night). On Saturday morning, the gang accompanied me to the Doughnut Vault and waited in line for about an hour with me. Even though we were behind on our schedule by the time we were done with our breakfast, they didn't complain at all (except for the hot ass weather). Thanks guys!

Doughnut Vault
400 1/2 N Franklin
Chicago, IL 60654
Neighborhoods: Near North Side, River North

Recently there's been a lot of these gourmet donut shops popping up throughout the country, and Doughnut Vault is actually a pretty new addition!

Even so, still a crazy line. Can't keep good things under wrap for long I guess haha.

Painted on to the wall.

Menu. Instead of chestnut glazed, they had pistachio glazed and carrot cake that Saturday.

This is how small the place is. I'm literally standing at the door taking this picture.

pistachio glazed
First up, Ben's pistachio glazed donut with toasted coconut flakes.

Tastes just like pistachio hahah. Sweet and super fluffy.

old fashioned
Old fashioned donut. Can never go wrong with an old fashioned.

chocolate glazed
The crazy chocolate glazed. First it is glazed with sugar, the dipped in chocolate with some chocolate sprinkles. The donut is bigger than my hand!

french pressed coffee
$1 French-pressed coffee! Totally needed it since everything was loaded with sugar.

Line got considerably shorter as we were leaving. Boo.


After our breakfast, started walking towards Millennium Park so we can rent bikes and after getting lost for about 2 hours, finally found it and biked towards Navy Pier.

By the time we got the Navy Pier, and walked around for a bit, it was already 2pm so we decided to stop by the Navy Pier location of Billy Goat's Tavern. The original is under Michigan Ave, made famous by its owner placing a curse on Chicago Cubs because the Cubs wouldn't let him bring his goat in hahah. The place is also made famous by a SNL skit. Not that funny IMO but you can watch it here:

Billy Goat's Tavern at Navy Pier
700 E Grand Ave
Chicago, IL 60657

"World famous." Yea yea we knew it was a tourist trap, since it is the Navy Pier location but still, decided to try it, and we wanted something fast.

Our cheezborgers.

double cheezborger
Double cheezborger. Simple cheeseburger with condiments on the side. Not bad but meh, nothing to talk about really. Slightly better than your average backyard BBQ burgers.

soft drink
They really try to sell the whole SNL skit line. Too bad they were so shiesty with refills. $1 for refills, wtf!

rolling rock
Should've been smart like Ahrhan and just got a beer to quench my thirst :P

As we were leaving Navy Pier, saw a churro stand and decided that I had to get it.

Damn these Disneyland prices.

Got the churritos drizzled with condense milk, which is suppose to be mini churros but it's more like churro being cut in half. In the end got like 3 churros' worth. I was a happy man hahah.

As soon as we finished and got to our bikes, rain started to fall. Actually, it was more like, rain for one minute, then all of a sudden lightning and thunder came, and the drops turned to these huge mofos that as we were riding, our faces would hurt from the rain hitting our face LOL. It was ridiculous. Usually you can tell how far the center of the storm is from you by timing the time when lightning strikes to thunder being heard. However the lightning and thunder happened essentially at the same time.

In the span of 10 minutes, the weather turned from 85C, to 65C, to storm. Needless to say by the time we got back to the bike rentals, we were soaked. As we were taking a cab back, the rain stopped and all is calm once again. Should've just waited it out :P


After showering, we decided to take a nap and get ready before heading out once again for the main attraction of the day, stuffing ourselves with some legit deep dish pizza!

Pequod's Pizza
2207 N Clybourn Ave
(between Webster Ave & Greenview Ave)
Chicago, IL 60614
Neighborhood: DePaul

Pequod's actually a little out of the day so we had to take a 20min taxi ride out, but it's worth it. Had more of a sports bar atmosphere. Chill & laidback neighborhood joint.

Large please!

A pitcher of Blue Moon.

Since it was gonna take around 30 minutes, decided to get onion rings.

Sorry I couldn't get a shot of the full pizza since the server was quick to serve each of us one but MAN it was a glorious pizza. Pequod's is almost famous for their caramelized crust! As the deep dish pan is inside the oven, cheese around the edges gets burnt and forms a cheesy crunchy crust!

Pepperoni, sausages, onion, mushroom, spinach, and fresh basil!

Cheesy saucy goodness!! I think I ate like... 2 and a half slices hahah. I'm still thinking about it after 2 weeks... sigh.

Had to get another beer so went with a local brew, Goose Island 312. Citrus-y, more on the lemon side!

Afterwards, headed back to the pier and watched the fireworks that the city. Pretty cool how Chicago does something like that. As soon as that was done, we decided to walk towards John Hancock Building since we needed some help in digesting our food!


The Signature Lounge at the 96th is a lounge located at the top of John Hancock Center, and it is pretty much famous for its view. There's no cover so it's quite popular with people visiting Chicago to grab a drink while taking in the city view. Met up with Shuinn and her boyfriend to grab a few drinks.

Signature Lounge at the 96th
875 N Michigan Ave
John Hancock Center
Chicago, IL 60611
Neighborhoods: Streeterville, Near North Side

John Hancock!

All the way up there!

Had to wait in line to get to the elevator.

IMG_1019 IMG_1018
Drinks menu (click to enlarge). Lots of old school classics with new twists.

Old fashioned. I always forget how strong it is haha.

Ahrhan's martini. Totally forgot which one it is.

Anna's Moscow Mule, which is probably my favorite that night.

After a few drinks and Shuinn showing us a bit more of Chicago, we decided it to head back to have a few more to drink then prepare for a busy Sunday in Chi-Town!