Monday, June 13, 2011

Chicago: The Purple Pig

Finally got the time to upload pics from a recent trip that I took to Chicago with a few close friends.

Since we all left from different places and met up in Chicago, we somehow managed to find flights that will arrive around the same as one another and by the time we got to our hotel and settled in, it was already midnight. Did a little research and found that The Purple Pig was close by and it closes at 2am so we immediately headed over there hoping to satisfy our hunger. It turned out to be an awesome choice since I was craving for something savory and Purple Pig is definitely a good spot for that.

The Purple Pig
500 N Michigan Ave
(between Illinois St & Grand Ave)
Chicago, IL 60611

The Purple Pig! Cheese, swine & wine.

Menu. Small plates casual American.

gulden draak
Rather than ordering wine, most of us got a beer. I opted for the Gulden Draak, which is a dark Belgian beer with a 10.5%abv. I expected it to be quite bitter but it's actually the opposite: smooth, mellow, with just a little bit bitterness in the end. Named best tasting beer by Chef's Best in 1998!

Anna ordered the Ayinger BraĆ¼ Weisse (only a little bit cause they had to change the keg). A fairly dry beer to us.

Ben's Einbecker Brauherren Pils. Einbecker is one of those old school brewery with hundreds of years in history and the pils is considered to be one of the best!

fried prosciutto balls
Fried Prosciutto bread ball. Prosciutto mix inside, then deep fried, and served with marinara. Think of it as a prosciutto meatball, bread, then fried!

Calamari with fregola, radishes, cucumber, and pistachio. Lots of interesting textures! Light & refreshing.

milk braised pork shoulder with mash
Milk-braised pork shoulder with mash. The pork is super tender. Awesome creamy gravy & mash potatoes to go along with it.

milk braised pork shoulder with mash
One thick piece of pork.

jamon serrano, oyster mushroom, fried egg
Jamon serrano with oyster mushrooms & fried egg. Serrano ham = super prosciutto.

broken yolk
I love it when you break the yolk and it just runs down the dish!

roasted bone marrow with herb
Favorite of the night: roasted bone marrow with herbs. Super decadent and one that makes you feel guilty eating it. I love bone marrow since when roasted right, nothing can beat the gelatinous fatty marrow. Here, they give you buttery grilled bread to smear it on, and you can even add a little cilantro, pickled onions, and sea salt to it.

roasted bone marrow with herb
A little of caperberries to top it off.

Buttery bread + bone marrow + cilantro + onions + sea salt = heaven.

The Purple Pig was definitely a good start to the trip. I love how they have some of the best beers in the world on draft, even if it is more of a wine bar. Food was great, and totally satisfied my salty savory food cravings!

More to come!