Thursday, December 16, 2010

West LA: Bar Food

Over Thanksgiving weekend, few friends from SD were back in LA so we decided to met up. Originally we wanted to go to Father's Office since we've never been and I was craving a burger, but after some miscommunication, we ended up at another gastropub, Bar Food in West LA.

Bar Food is a gastropub on Wilshire. Of course, being a gastropub, the beer selection is pretty big and since the owner is Irish, there's also an extensive list of whiskeys as well. They even have Yamazaki, which is currently my favorite.

Bar Food
12217 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Pretty easy to spot on if you're on Wilshire.

Part of the menu.

bar pale ale
Happy hours all night so decided on the house Bar Pale Ale to go along with my...

bar burger
Bar Burger. It's essentially a bacon cheeseburger except they use bacon jam rather than bacon strips. Yes, bacon JAM. It was good but definitely needs more of that bacon jam!!

sweet potato fries
Sweet potato fries with spicy aioli. Crispy & sweet. Spicy aioli is an interesting pairing for sweet potato fries.

fish & chip
Fish & chip. I love fish & chips, especially when they have housemade tartar sauce with that fresh cod. Their take on "chips" = potato sliced thick then fried & heavily peppered. Big fan of peppery food so I love it.

cool tabs collection
They got this case full of tabs from different breweries. This was probably the coolest thing haha. If you're willing to display it like this, that's a good sign for a gastropub.

Not a bad joint. I ended up getting the burger that I was craving and with the happy hour prices of house drafts and few selection of vino, it's a good place to come and relax, and maybe grab a bite to eat. Probably wouldn't drive out here just for the food though, maybe just for the whiskey sampling :]