Thursday, December 9, 2010

Vegas: Hash House A Go Go

If you're from SD, you've most likely tried Hash House A Go Go already and know that they have ridiculous portions, and extremely extremely unhealthy food but really there is no better way to eat a truly hearty breakfast than at Hash House.

I went to cheer for a high school friend of mine who recently placed at the World Series of Poker and since it was somewhat spontaneous, we all stayed at the Imperial Palace and inside Imperial, is Hash House! Half of us all went to school at UCSD so it was a good time to pay Hash House a visit.

Hash House A Go Go
Imperial Palace
3535 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89146

located inside imperial palace
Main dining hall of Hash House. You get there by taking this ghetto elevator inside the casino to the 2nd floor haha.


Had to sit at the bar since it was so packed with tourists. Well I guess we're tourists too.. Bloody Mary anybody?

The brunch menu! What to get...

fried chicken & bacon waffle
Two of us ended up getting the Sage Fried Chicken & Bacon Waffles :]] Fried chicken and waffles then topped with hot maple caramel reduction and fried leeks. Sage gives it such a different flavor and what better way to start the day than with fried chicken??

thick waffle
The thick thick bacon waffles.

bacon bits
See that bacon integrated so well in there? Yea. Awesome.

fried green onion & aromatics
The maple reduction and fried leeks are so good just by itself. I can drink a gallon of the maple reduction and just eat a salad made of fried leeks.

The other two went for the Sage fried chicken benedict. Fried... chicken... benedict!

With fresh spinach, hardwood smoked bacon, market tomato, griddled mozzarella, chipotle cream and scrambled eggs. What a healthy way to start the day huh? Just look at that savory heart clogging hollandaise sauce :P

Of course, they give you some fruits to try to rescue your body from eating all that craziness haha.

Hash House's specialty is what it markets itself as: twisted farm food. It's nothing gourmet and definitely not the best breakfast food around but it's fun, delicious, savory, and a once in a awhile sort of place.


S.O.F.A.T. Blog said...

Curious... which one was first? Hash House in LV or SD?

duke said...

sd location i believe. they had this article up there saying they were expanding to vegas