Monday, October 4, 2010

San Gabriel: Stuffed Sandwich

One day during work Leonard and I had to visit a project site so decided to stop by Stuffed Sandwich in San Gabriel for a quick lunch with Diana before heading back to the office.

Stuffed Sandwich is this... random sandwich shop on Las Tunas in San Gabriel, but really popular around the area, especially for people that work close by. You totally wouldn't expect something like this in this city full of Asian food, so it's a nice break from all the Chinese food. The cool thing about this place: hundreds types of beer served! Stuffed Sandwich has a serious collection of beers from all sorts of places, and they even have Stone Brewery on tap! Just sucks that I had to go back to work or else it'd be party time mid-day at Stuffed Sandwich.

Stuffed Sandwich
1145 E Las Tunas Dr.
San Gabriel, CA 91776

stuffed sandwich
The front. There's a nice outdoor patio area.

Our food :]

spicy polish sausage + marinara
First up, the Spicy Polish Sausage Sandwich with marinara sauce. When I was ordering, the owner said "you better make sure you can eat spicy food." I pretty much scoffed at him when he said that buuuuut holy it is spicy. One bite of the polish sausage, I was sweating bullets, and after a few more I could tell my stomach wasn't happy with me at all. I kept on refilling my soda and it doesn't help in that the marinara sauce is also spicy! It sorts of creeps up on you and lingers... and then it his and that spiciness just won't go away. Legit.

Pastrami sandwich. Thin sliced pastrami with mustard. It's not that fatty which is good, and I think I like it more than The Hat's pastrami!

spicy curly fries
Spicy curly fries. Honestly I was scared to eat this after I took a bite of my spicy polish but this was weaaaaak compared to that. Just curly fries with a little bit of seasoned salt and chili powder.

Great sandwich shop in SGV and I'll forever remember Stuffed Sandwich as one of those places that genuinely surprised me. I'm now a fan of this place and would love to bring any spicy food lover here. Don't worry, I'll bring the Pepcid.