Monday, October 11, 2010

Redondo Beach: La Cueva

Recently I've been frequenting this Mexican food spot near the Redondo Beach, just touching Torrance & Lawndale. If you know me, you know I love tacos and when Leonard and I drove past it one day on our way to ball, we saw that they have 5 tacos for $4.99, our Asian-ness kicked in and Leonard & I decided to try it one day after bball.

Now.... La Cueva doesn't have the best carne asada or al pastor but it's pretty solid. At $4.99 for 5 tacos, it's about a buck per taco. Where can you get street tacos for $1 all day every day except at taco trucks?? There's a small outdoor seating area so there's a place to sit as well. Plus one for La Cueva.

They also have other deals where you get 3 tacos + chips & guac for $5 or 3 tacos + agua fresca for the same. Legit, especially if you're strapped for cash!

Sorry for the photos. It was taken with the iPhone since my SLR is still sitting at the shop waiting to be fixed :[

La Cueva
4565 Artesia Blvd.
Lawndale, CA 90261

La cueva
Right across from South Bay Galleria Mall.

La Cueva
Here's 3 tacos with their spicy salsa: carnitas, al pastor, and asada.

La cueva
Al Pastor: got a little kick to it!

La Cueva
Carnitas: a little dry that day.

La cueva
Asada: favorite protein selection there.

La cueva
Chips + guac. Part of the 3 taco combo! I'm not a big fan of guac but here you can actually see chunks of guac. None of that fake stuff!

5 tacos
On a separate occasion, got the 5 taco combo deal! I love how they give you beets & pickled carrots here.

For $1 a taco, this place is awesome and it's even better now that the girl is starting to recognize us and gives us free chips. I think that also means we are going too often haha. Sure there's King's Taco in LA and their taco is only 25 cents more... but guess what... there's none around me, soooo La Cueva is a good enough substitute for me :]